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b. 1957, Germany

Winfried Muthesius Biography

Winfried Muthesius organises the aesthetic blending of opposites, in the best sense of the word: surface movements in the painterly flow and the depth of the image created by the photographic image. This triggers a sprawl of overlappings that no brain could possibly plan or imagine. Tiny particles collide in the pictorial spaces. The result is breathtaking and it reveals the most important identity of the artist - that with his work. Various pictorial elements on several layers are interwined. Chance spaces overlap. Muthesius combines image-surfaces and image-segments and applies tension to them until they generate images and eventually become world. Not a beautiful, but an unpredictable world in which, in a matter of seconds, a vineyard can turn into a desert, a sacred space into a dizzying abyss. These pictorial worlds encompass out time.

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