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b. 1972, Japan

Asami Yoshiga Biography

Asami Yoshiga studied Nihonga (Japanese style painting) at the Musashino Art University, where she became interested in the relationship between nature and humanity. Through her artwork, she expresses the influence of nature on the Japanese sense of beauty and uncovers a particular Japanese aesthetic.

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Applying the Nihonga technique, known for its use in traditional painting, in a contemporary and avant-garde presentation, Yoshiga's images appear through veils of silk-like teteron cloth. By applying of ink and pigment on separated layers of transparent fabric, she creates a dream-like and ethereal quality that invites the viewer to enter the hushed world of the landscape. Her art portrays a deep sense of reverence for nature and the natural world and engenders a human-nature dynamic without the representation of the human figure.

Since graduating in 1999, her six solo exhibitions have placed her as one of the leading young protagonists in th new Nihonga movement. In the last five years, she has been included in the exhibitions at the Ueno Royal Museum, the Gunma Museum of Art, the Biennale for the Museum of Modern Art in Gunma, the Sato Museum of Art, and the Toyohashi Museum of Art.

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