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'Social collectives are constituted by physical human interactions: the interaction of bodies. Starting from the human body, friction(s) and predetermined breaking lines within social structures are the core interest of my current work. Fleeing, migrating, surviving, transgenerational transfer, distribution and the notions of balance and justice are objects of observation.

Clemens Krauss. Courtesy Dominik Mersch Gallery.

I try to stand the non-understanding and find a language for it. Current global political processes can be traumatic and the trauma itself is speechless.

As individuals we are inevitably repeating patterns, the question is, how a better repetition can be enabled. Artistic methods—or better interests—such as aestheticisation, exaggeration, opposition, critique, mediality and many more can allow to hit notches in the perception of a political reality, where the own work becomes important and help to grasp us as ‘strangers to ourselves".'– Clemens Krauss

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