NFT: Banksy
at Sotheby’s

11 May 2021
NFT: Banksy at Sotheby’s

Banksy, Love is in the Air (2005). Oil and spray paint on canvas. 90 x 90 cm. Courtesy Sotheby's⁠.

After the historic inaugural NFT sales of works by the digital artists Beeple and Pak at Christie's and Sotheby's respectively, we are beginning to see auction houses adapting to the increased fervour surrounding cryptocurrency as a form of payment and digital arts appeal as the NFT market has emerged.⁠

While cryptocurrency was accepted by Sotheby's for their NFT sale, Banksy's _Love is in the Air _is the first physical work to be offered at an auction house in exchange for cryptocurrency; specifically bitcoin and ethereum.⁠

Read Sam Gaskin's recent coverage on the sale here.

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