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(1936 – 2010), Japan

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Untitled (Webster's Dictionary A & B) by Arakawa contemporary artwork
ArakawaUntitled (Webster's Dictionary A & B), 1965Acrylic, graphite, and marker on canvas
167.6 x 241.3 cm
Gagosian Contact Gallery
Waiting Voices by Arakawa contemporary artwork
ArakawaWaiting Voices, 1976–1977Acrylic, graphite, marker, and varnish on canvas and linen
177.8 x 243.8 cm
Gagosian Contact Gallery
That In Which No. 2 by Arakawa contemporary artwork
ArakawaThat In Which No. 2, 1974–1975Acrylic, graphite, and marker on canvas
65 x 102 cm
Gagosian Contact Gallery
And/Or in Profile No. 2 by Arakawa contemporary artwork
ArakawaAnd/Or in Profile No. 2, 1974Acrylic, graphite, plastic rose, glass vase, wood, and builder’s level on canvas
196.8 x 271.8 cm
Gagosian Contact Gallery
Blank Lines or Topological Bathing by Arakawa contemporary artwork
ArakawaBlank Lines or Topological Bathing, 1980–1981Acrylic, graphite, and marker on canvas
100 x 272 cm
Gagosian Contact Gallery
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