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Extra States: Nations in Liquidation at Kunsthal Extra City Ocula Report Extra States: Nations in Liquidation at Kunsthal Extra City 8 Dec 2018 : Stephanie Bailey for Ocula

The nation-state—a nation (a people) presided over by a governing body with jurisdiction over a defined territory (the state)—is either going through a renaissance or demise, depending on one's perspective. There has been talk about the nation-state's end for years—from a 2013 United States National Intelligence Council report...

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Anita Dube Ocula Conversation Anita Dube

On 12 December 2018, the Kochi-Muziris Biennale (KMB), referred to as 'the people's Biennale', will open its fourth edition to the public. Considered one of the most significant large-scale exhibitions in South Asia, and by far one of the most attended art events in the subcontinent, this edition is curated by the New Delhi-based artist and critic...

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The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial Keeps Up With The Zeitgeist Ocula Report The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial Keeps Up With The Zeitgeist 8 Dec 2018 : Susan Acret for Ocula

Looking through the windows that front Indonesian artist Aditya Novali's wall installation The Wall: Asian (Un)Real Estate Project (2011), a series of miniature apartments come into view: private interiors that are sometimes bland, strange or garish (Hello Kitty decor characterises one space, for example, while multiple Duchamp-like toilets appear...

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Judy Millar

b. 1957, New Zealand

Judy Millar is one of New Zealand’s most internationally recognised artists. She represented New Zealand at the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009 and exhibited again at the 54th Biennale in 2011. Typically she exhibits large -scale expressive paintings, applying and erasing paint, and drawing attention to the surface and space of the picture plane.

The gestural and abstracted surfaces of Judy Millar’s art are both intensely physical and highly mediated structures, reflecting the paradox we face of inhabiting both corporeal and cognitive realms. Millar, a distinguished and internationally acclaimed artist, employs the processes of erasure—wiping and scraping paint off the surface of the work—to create visceral canvases that invoke a sense of the body. As the artist explains, “Without our body we don’t exist, this to me is our experience of the world and this is what paintings can directly address.” Millar’s painterly practice also incorporates various printing techniques and digital reproduction, which allow her to push the possibilities of scale by enlarging and exaggerating the painted surface. Through exaggerations of scale, her expressive paintings saturate the viewer and become commanding expressions of embodiment.

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Judy Millar Ocula Conversation Judy Millar Artist, New Zealand

New Zealand artist Judy Millar has long been concerned with art’s relationship to the phenomenal and sensorial world. Her ambitious works test both the limitations and possibilities of traditional painting and sculpture. More than simply referencing art history, Millar’s captivating paintings and ‘space works’ invite the...

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Other Elsewheres: New Zealand at the Venice Biennale Related Press Other Elsewheres: New Zealand at the Venice Biennale The Pantograph Punch : 12 June 2015

New Zealand's official platform at the Venice Biennale began in 2001, and our formal representation was arguably already overdue at this point. There had been anomalous instances of New Zealanders exhibiting at the Biennale: Frances Hodgkins (she was meant to be in a group show representing Britain, though this was never realised because of World...

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Judy Millar's Soulful and Cerebral Art Related Press Judy Millar's Soulful and Cerebral Art i-D VICE : 27 May 2015

In the past decade, acclaimed New Zealand artist Judy Millar's varied work has filled a German gallery with Technicolor tidal waves and unspooled wild brushstrokes across the walls of a Renaissance church for the 53rd Venice Biennale.Always a fan of an enveloping spectacle, her latest show Reverse Cinema at Sydney's Sullivan + Strumpf...

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Review: Judy Millar at Gallery Four Related Press Review: Judy Millar at Gallery Four EyeContact : 9 March 2015

As a piece of suspended sculpture, Millar's Gallery Four project up on the top floor alludes to an unfurling 'brushstroke', being a buckled strip made of thick laminated plywood that is painted. Like any strip this hefty band has two sides: one covered with a black and white pattern of dots and knobby protrusions that seem to reference...

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Judy Millar. Artist, home & studio, Waitakere, Auckland Related Press Judy Millar. Artist, home & studio, Waitakere, Auckland Freunde von Freunden : 3 July 2013

Setting out to design a house like a boat on the top of a cliff, artist Judy Millar purchased a plot of land outside Auckland on the west coast after graduating from art school. Upon four acres, her home, comprised of found industrial materials, overlooks the black sands of Anawhata beach. Known for its treacherous conditions, the beauty...

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