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How much more could you have loved me by Tracey Emin contemporary artwork
Tracey EminHow much more could you have loved me, 2019Acrylic on canvas
121.9 x 91.4 x 4.4 cm
Xavier Hufkens Contact Gallery
Untitled by Günther Förg contemporary artwork
Günther FörgUntitled, 1994Acrylic on paper
198 x 147.5 cm
Galerie Lelong & Co. New York Contact Gallery
Blind Faith by Wes Lang contemporary artwork
Wes LangBlind Faith, 2020Oil on canvas
22.9 x 30.5 cm
Almine Rech Contact Gallery
Pillar with Oval Cutout by Jaime Jenkins contemporary artwork
Jaime JenkinsPillar with Oval Cutout, 2020Stoneware
50 x 41.5 x 34.5 cm
Jhana Millers Contact Gallery
From the series La fin de l'imagination (XIII) by Adrián Villar Rojas contemporary artwork
Adrián Villar RojasFrom the series La fin de l'imagination (XIII), 2020Solvent-based silkscreen ink, talcum powder, solvent-based spray-paint on laser colour print
70 x 65.3 cm
Marian Goodman Gallery Contact Gallery
Volume by Dadamaino contemporary artwork
DadamainoVolume, 1958Waterpaint on canvas
70 x 50 cm
Mazzoleni Contact Gallery
Tao Shu · Autumn Thoughts - Twilight by Hao Liang contemporary artwork
Hao LiangTao Shu · Autumn Thoughts - Twilight, 2020Tracing paper, pencil, colored pencil
89 x 45 x 3 cm
Para Site
Untitled #615 by Cindy Sherman contemporary artwork
Cindy ShermanUntitled #615, 2019Dye sublimation print
177.8 x 216.5 cm
Metro Pictures Contact Gallery
Runway by Qian Jiahua contemporary artwork
Qian JiahuaRunway, 2019Acrylic on canvas
20 x 65 cm
Cloudy Deliery by Qian Jiahua contemporary artwork
Qian JiahuaCloudy Deliery, 2020Acrylic on canvas
70 x 40 cm
Resting Halt (naked) by Torey Thornton contemporary artwork
Torey ThorntonResting Halt (naked), 2019Acrylic medium and galvanised steel mending plates on wooden butcher block
142.9 x 142.2 cm
Simon Lee Gallery Contact Gallery
Untitled 9 by Pipilotti Rist contemporary artwork
Pipilotti RistUntitled 9, 2009Colour print on fir wood panel, glued relief
67.5 x 120 x 3 cm
Hauser & Wirth Contact Gallery
My heart is broken by John Walsh contemporary artwork
John WalshMy heart is broken, 2020Acrylic on unstretched canvas
174.5 x 153.5 cm
Page Galleries Contact Gallery
Delta by Tobias Bernstrup contemporary artwork
Tobias BernstrupDelta, 2020Mixed media on MDF
26 x 19 cm
Andréhn-Schiptjenko Contact Gallery
Pearl Rolling Across the Floor No. 2 by Liang Ban contemporary artwork
Liang BanPearl Rolling Across the Floor No. 2, 2020Video installation, crystal blocks, TV screen, single channel video, audio
de Sarthe Contact Gallery
Purple Prose Buys Another Name by Kendell Geers contemporary artwork
Kendell GeersPurple Prose Buys Another Name, 2013Murano glass
58 x 36 x 4.5 cm
M77 Contact Gallery
Burst Pinch by Julia Chiang contemporary artwork
Julia ChiangBurst Pinch, 2020Acrylic on wood panel
40 x 30 inches
The Modern Institute Contact Gallery
Solidarność by Peter Kennard contemporary artwork
Peter KennardSolidarność, 1982Photomontage, gelatin silver prints, tape and gouache on card
41.5 x 32 cm
Richard Saltoun Gallery Contact Gallery
Cyathea Australis 1 by Siobhan McDonald contemporary artwork
Siobhan McDonaldCyathea Australis 1, 2018Photogenic drawings: silver nitrate, light and our earliest plants on antique paper
45 x 38 cm
Informality Contact Gallery
Hall of Mihrişah Sultan, Harem by Ahmet Ertug contemporary artwork
Ahmet ErtugHall of Mihrişah Sultan, Harem, 1989Chromogenic print
63 x 78 5/8 inches
Bruce Silverstein Contact Gallery
Untitled #612 by Cindy Sherman contemporary artwork
Cindy ShermanUntitled #612, 2019Dye sublimation print
167.6 x 254 cm
Metro Pictures Contact Gallery
Vine by Qian Jiahua contemporary artwork
Qian JiahuaVine, 2020Acrylic on canvas
70 x 40 cm
Face-w09 by Han Young Wook contemporary artwork
Han Young WookFace-w09, 2020Oil on aluminum, scratch
108 x 84 cm
Whitestone Gallery Contact Gallery
Mindscape 30 by Ryan McGinness contemporary artwork
Ryan McGinnessMindscape 30, 2019Acrylic and metal leaf on linen
61 x 61 cm
Miles McEnery Gallery Enquire
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Ocula presents comprehensive online access to a diverse number of artworks by a broad range of artists. On Ocula you can find artworks by well-known established artists as well as emerging artists.

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Using the tools within Ocula you can learn more about the artist who created the work, share the artwork with others, and enquire as to its availability for purchase, and also its price. Defining contemporary art is both complex and controversial, but the decision to place an artwork within the category usually rests on one requirement: namely, that the artwork was created in the current century, regardless of its medium.

Beyond this simplistic definition, however, it can be difficult to pin down any universal principles that bind the pieces produced by 21st-century artists—though perhaps diversity itself might be understood as a general theme. Developing in parallel with the prevalent theory of postmodernism, contemporary art shares a commitment to pluralism and variety (rather than, that is, to stability and straightforward truth).

Some commentators speak of 'modern contemporary art', with this term's conflation of the modern art and the contemporary art models pointing to the murky boundary that separates the early 20th-century modernist movement from the sprawling latter movement that has ruled the art scene in recent decades.

The two are indeed connected—with the contemporary fine arts essentially an outgrowth of the modern movement—but what definitively separates them is the clear set of principles that all modernist artworks share, as opposed to the relatively absent criteria surrounding contemporary artworks.

For all its experimentalism, though, contemporary art is not entirely anti-traditional, as semblances of prior artistic conditions—be that modernism, impressionism, or realism—can be found hidden within many works. Long-established ideas like the anti-establishment role of art and the artist in society continue to prevail in the contemporary art scene, with visionary creatives across the globe often using their talents to make political statements through art.

The diversity of contemporary art is reflected in the many different artworks presented on the pages of Ocula. On these pages you will find artworks ranging from watercolour paintings, acrylic paintings, oil paintings, video artworks, sculptures, conceptual artworks to fine art photography and prints. Many of these artworks are for sale and you can make an enquiry directly to the Ocula member gallery representing the relevant artist.

In Ocula Magazine, an even wider range of artworks are referenced, including performance works. In considering the artworks on Ocula, we encourage you to not view them in isolation, but to consider how the work might fit into the artist's practice by reading the artist's profile, how the work relates to the artist's exhibition history and by exploring the articles written by Ocula Magazine and / or other publications on the artist.


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