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Allegory by Liu Wei contemporary artwork sculpture, installation
Liu WeiAllegory, 2021Fibreglass and car paint, dimensions variable
White Cube Contact Gallery
The Bride’s Rug by NAQSH Collective contemporary artwork sculpture, installation
NAQSH CollectiveThe Bride’s Rug, 2017Basalt stone with brass shives
4 x 210 x 380 cm
Gazelli Art House Contact Gallery
Video Chandelier X by Nam June Paik contemporary artwork sculpture, installation, mixed media
Nam June PaikVideo Chandelier X, 1991Mixed media
130 x 120 cm
Tang Contemporary Art Contact Gallery
Deep Travel Ink. Large Promotional Poster by Laure Prouvost contemporary artwork painting, works on paper, sculpture, installation
Laure ProuvostDeep Travel Ink. Large Promotional Poster, 2019Paper, watercolour, oil and acrylic paint, glue, metal, plastic, Velcro, LED lights, painted masks on canvas, two broom sticks with mop
235 x 342 x 4.5 cm
Lisson Gallery Contact Gallery
CAPITAL CORPSES by Ibrahim Mahama contemporary artwork sculpture, installation
Ibrahim MahamaCAPITAL CORPSES, 2019–2021Blackboards, sewing machines and wooden school desks
White Cube Contact Gallery
HerE by Jane McAdam Freud contemporary artwork installation
Jane McAdam FreudHerE, 2016Micro gravel site specific installation
Gazelli Art House Contact Gallery
Red Materials by Seonggyu Maeng contemporary artwork installation
Seonggyu MaengRed Materials, 2021sheet text
Space Willing N Dealing Contact Gallery
Terre Verte (8 pieces) by M'barek Bouhchichi contemporary artwork installation
M'barek BouhchichiTerre Verte (8 pieces), 2020Tamegroute ceramics
70 x 40 x 10 cm
Fabienne Levy Contact Gallery
Eternel retour du désir amoureux by Amina Benbouchta contemporary artwork installation
Amina BenbouchtaEternel retour du désir amoureux, 2019Wood, neon lights, various objects, sound
Fabienne Levy Contact Gallery
Peace Prosperity And Friendship With All Nations by Heman Chong contemporary artwork installation
Heman ChongPeace Prosperity And Friendship With All Nations, 2021Appropriated text
STPI - Creative Workshop & Gallery Contact Gallery
Panels and Archived by Matts Leiderstam contemporary artwork painting, works on paper, photography, print, installation
Matts LeiderstamPanels and Archived, 2020Mixed media installation
Andréhn-Schiptjenko Contact Gallery
Eins und Summe by Vaclav Pozarek contemporary artwork sculpture, installation
Vaclav PozarekEins und Summe, 1994Installation, polyester, 48 parts
Barbara Wien Contact Gallery
Pidgin's cocoon as sounded out with inverse intonations by Pyda Nyariri contemporary artwork sculpture, installation, mixed media
Pyda NyaririPidgin's cocoon as sounded out with inverse intonations, 2021Clay slip, cotton gauze, plywood and hardware
300 x 147 x 100 cm
SMAC Gallery Contact Gallery
Quiet Disaster by Dara Birnbaum contemporary artwork installation
Dara BirnbaumQuiet Disaster, 1999Set of 3 circular plexiglas panels with Duratrans print
Marian Goodman Gallery Contact Gallery
Transfer (Ivory) by Angela De La Cruz contemporary artwork installation
Angela De La CruzTransfer (Ivory), 2011Sofa, wooden box and chair
80 x 200 x 168 cm
Galerie Thomas Schulte Contact Gallery
Terforation So-mi II by Angela Glajcar contemporary artwork sculpture, installation
Angela GlajcarTerforation So-mi II, 2011Torn paper, 200g, metal and plastic mounting
53 x 48 x 23 cm
Karin Weber Gallery Contact Gallery
A Great Day by Shimabuku contemporary artwork sculpture, print, installation, mixed media, moving image
ShimabukuA Great Day, 2011Installation with various Soviet time objects, 1 video (Mini-DV transferred to digital data, 3 min., colour, sound) & 1 text
Barbara Wien Contact Gallery
Corona Villa by Baboo contemporary artwork installation, mixed media, moving image
BabooCorona Villa, 2020Installation, live streaming, interactive performance, mixed media
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Corrupted Air –Act VI by Femke Herregraven contemporary artwork installation
Femke HerregravenCorrupted Air –Act VI, 2019Mixed media installation, dimensions variable
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Burning Landscape VI by Antonio Vega Macotela contemporary artwork installation, mixed media, textile
Antonio Vega MacotelaBurning Landscape VI, 2019Steganography on Jacquard
450 x 560 cm
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Endnote, ping (de Bretteville/Asimov) by Ian Kiaer contemporary artwork sculpture, installation, mixed media, moving image
Ian KiaerEndnote, ping (de Bretteville/Asimov), 2019Plastic, fan, speaker, mini projector, media player, film, wood, cardboard
Barbara Wien Contact Gallery
On Reverse by Mónica De Miranda contemporary artwork sculpture, installation
Mónica De MirandaOn Reverse, 2020Palm tree, mirrors, wood, carpet
110 x 280 x 490 cm
Sabrina Amrani Contact Gallery
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