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In the work of Elad Lassry, sourced images are often interspersed with photographs he has created himself, together with more tangible objects. Lassry plays with how we absorb images and disrupts previously held rules that have become ever present within our visual memory bank.

Elad Lassry, Untitled (Carpet, Coral Hawkfish) (2019). Silver gelatin print, offset print on paper, stainless steel, walnut frame, 28.6 x 36.2 x 5.1cm. Courtesy 303 Gallery.

Elad Lassry was the subject of a major solo exhibition at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art earlier this year (4 January–10 May 2020), with works that are now the subject of an online exhibition with 303 Gallery (30 July–25 September 2020). In Untitled (Carpet, Coral Hawkfish) (2019), the actual frame is replicated by a false white frame within the composition, drawing the gaze towards a colourful tropical fish floating above a carpet. Two stainless steel ball bearings hang in the corners above, partially concealed by overlapping white photographic paper, but their reflection of the real world becomes incorporated within this complex composition.

Elad Lassry, Untitled (Mattress, Rose) (2019). Silver gelatin print, C-print, aluminium frame. 41.6 x 51.8 cm. Courtesy 303 Gallery.

The ease with which Lassry drifts in and out of flat surface and three-dimensional space, toys with our perception and invites us to reconsider not only the relationship between these objects and images but also our own relationship with these very things. He has managed to carve out his own unique visual language, creating tactile objects that somehow harness the visual immediacy of photography.—[O]

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