Park Seo-Bo at White Cube
London, 30 March 2021

The spectacular Park Seo-Bo exhibition at White Cube's Bermondsey space will open to the public on 13 April.

Seo-Bo is one of the most celebrated Korean contemporary artists and a leading figure from the Dansaekhwa movement, which included internationally renowned abstract painters Yun Hyong-keun, Kim Tschang-yeul, Chung Sang-Hwa, and Lee Ufan.

Since 1962, Seo-Bo has incorporated Korean hanji paper into his works. As he has explained in Ocula Magazine, 'hanji absorbs colour and becomes one with the paint. The Eastern view on nature disagrees with the idea of revealing oneself. Hanji absorbs everything because as a paper medium, it is rooted in this Eastern perspective.'

Images: Exhibition view: Park Seo-Bo, White Cube, London (17 March–1 May 2021). Photo: Eva Fuchs, Ocula.

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