Frank Walter
at David Zwirner

London, 21 April 2021

Containing verdant landscapes gleaned from the colour palettes of Romantic painters, Frank Walter's prolific autobiographical works are the subject of David Zwirner's first exhibition of the artist's work in London, running until 22 May 2021.

As Ocula Magazine Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Bailey wrote, Frank Walter's paintings reflect 'a journey in search of worlds capable of accommodating the depth and breadth of far-reaching hopes and visions. He was at once a product of his time and light years ahead of it; an artist who left universes to explore in his wake.'

Read more about Frank Walter's life and work exploring his lived postcolonial experience here. ⁠

Main image: Frank Walter, Untitled (Airplanes over boats in harbor) (n.d.). © Courtesy Kenneth M. Milton Fine Arts. Courtesy Kenneth M. Milton Fine Arts and David Zwirner⁠.

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