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4th Kochi-Muziris Biennale: Possibilities for a Non-Alienated Life Ocula Report 4th Kochi-Muziris Biennale: Possibilities for a Non-Alienated Life 15 Feb 2019 : Natalie King for Ocula

'Poems are like sentences that have taken their clothes off.' Marlene Dumas' poetic and sensual refrain accompanies her figurative watercolours on view in Possibilities for a Non-Alienated Life, the fourth edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale (KMB) in the southern state of Kerala, India (12 December 2018–29 March 2019).Dumas' new series...

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Ellen Altfest Ocula Conversation Ellen Altfest

The paintings of Ellen Altfest are ethereal in their detail. Fields of minutiae come together as pulsating images; small brushstrokes of oil paint accumulate over a series of months to single out seemingly innocuous subjects, such as a hand resting atop patterned fabric (The Hand, 2011) or a deep green cactus reaching upwards from beneath a bed of...

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Colomboscope 2019: Cross Currents and Dissonance Ocula Report Colomboscope 2019: Cross Currents and Dissonance 8 Feb 2019 : Nada Raza for Ocula

On the rooftop of the former Rio Hotel complex in Colombo, it was hard to ignore the high-rise buildings, still under construction, blocking all but a sliver of what used to be an open view over Slave Island, once an island on Beira Lake that housed slaves in the 19th century, and now a downtown suburb. The hotel was set alight during the...

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Contemporary art exhibition, Sanjay Theodore, A Dictionary of Sanjay's Modern Painting at Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
8 February–9 March 2019 Sanjay Theodore A Dictionary of Sanjay's Modern Painting Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch

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Boyd Webb Ocula Conversation Boyd Webb Artist, New Zealand and United Kingdom

Boyd Webb was born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1947 and attended the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts (Ilam). He won a scholarship to study sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London in 1972 and continues to live and work in Brighton, England.Initially he worked as a sculptor, making life casts of people in fibreglass...

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Natasha Conland Ocula Conversation Natasha Conland Curator, Contemporary Art, Auckland Art Gallery

Natasha Conland is Curator, Contemporary Art at the Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand. She has curated numerous exhibitions including A Puppet A Pauper A Pirate A Poet A Pawn & A King: From the Naomi Milgrom Art Collection (2013); Made Active: The Chartwell Show (2012); the 4th Auckland Triennial, Last Ride in a Hot Air...

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Martin Browne Ocula Conversation Martin Browne Founder, Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney

Following a very early foray into diplomacy and trading futures, Martin Browne returned to the business of art and now some twenty-five plus years later he runs the very successful and well respected Sydney gallery, Martin Browne Contemporary.  In The Art Life’s inaugural list of the fifty most powerful people in the Australian art...

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Hou Hanru Ocula Conversation Hou Hanru Curator, The 5th Auckland Triennial, Auckland

Born in 1963 in Guangzhou, China, Hou graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing in 1985 (BA) and 1988 (MA). Formally a critic and curator based in Paris, he was recently the Director of Exhibitions & Public Programmes and Chair of Exhibition Studies & Museology at the San Francisco Art Institute from 2006 to 2012.Hou is a...

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Vincent Ward Ocula Conversation Vincent Ward Artist, Film Director and Screenwriter, Auckland

Vincent Ward is best known as an internationally acclaimed film director and screenwriter, earning both critical acclaim and festival attention for his often dark, but memorable films. Vigil, The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey and Map of the Human Heart were officially selected for the Cannes Film Festival; and What Dreams May Come, starring...

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Three Judy Millar Paintings Related Press Three Judy Millar Paintings EyeContact : 19 April 2018

'Gesture' and 'gestural' are vastly overused words in talking about abstract painting but remain unavoidable in talking about Judy Millar's work. As Kundera intimates above, perhaps gestures perform us, rather than the other way around, memes proliferating like living things. Perhaps art is merely a long war to determine who is in charge.

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Artist's New Year honour: 'We don’t value the arts highly enough' Related Press Artist's New Year honour: 'We don’t value the arts highly enough' Stuff : 30 December 2017

Julia Morison didn't need to give much thought to whether or not to accept her latest accolade. The Christchurch artist has been made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the New Year Honours, arguably the highest recognition of a 40-year career.'Anything that promotes the arts is a really good thing,' she said.'We have so much but we...

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The Irrepressible Judy Darragh Related Press The Irrepressible Judy Darragh EyeContact : 10 February 2017

Judy Darragh has been a fixture of the New Zealand art world since the Olympian heights of the 1980s. She was prominent in the establishing of Auckland's Teststrip in the early nineties, and the subject of Te Papa's first survey show of a living artist, Judy Darragh: So... You Made It? in 2004. The irregular aluminium foil planetoids of her...

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Paint as Fuel or Food Related Press Paint as Fuel or Food Eye Contact : 11 January 2016

Ilam-trained and now living back in his native China, Zhonghao Chen is an artist fascinated with painting as a process of consumption and indulgence, hence the heavily-loaded brushwork and the palette scrapings set aside and applied after the fact. Paint is analogous to fuel or food for the painter and the painting.

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Christchurch Art Gallery reopening will reunite city with art Related Press Christchurch Art Gallery reopening will reunite city with art The Press : 16 December 2015

Christchurch people are about to be reunited with an art collection hidden from sight for nearly five years. The reopening of the Christchurch Art Gallery on Saturday will mean the city's art collection will be on display once again. The collection has been in safe storage since the gallery closed after the February 2011...

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Extending the Gallery Space Related Press Extending the Gallery Space EyeContact : 24 November 2015

In directing interest towards formal and spatial relationships, Jenkinson curiously makes the subjects of these photographs entirely universal and detached, (paradoxically) from any specific time or place. Moreover, as large-scale vinyl prints, her photographs are seamlessly attached to the walls at a variety of heights and ostensibly randomly...

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Heavenly creatures populate Mark Braunias' Anti Groovy exhibition Related Press Heavenly creatures populate Mark Braunias' Anti Groovy exhibition Stuff : 22 May 2015

Four years ago New Zealand artist Mark Braunias spent a lot of time cycling over the Golden Gatge Bridge in San Francisco, contemplating other worlds. The result forms the basis of his exhibition Anti Groovy, a play on the phrase "anti gravity" he explains for which Braunias travelled to Christchurch and spent a week painting creatures...

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Savage cuts to Christchurch Art Gallery funding Related Press Savage cuts to Christchurch Art Gallery funding The Press : 23 March 2015

The Christchurch Art Gallery's fund for purchasing artworks will be cut by more than two thirds under wide-ranging budget cuts proposed for the arts. The cuts mean the gallery's art buying fund will fall from $250,000 a year to $80,000 a year, making it one of the most poorly funded art collections in the country. It has to trim 6 per cent...

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