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b. 1976, China

Gao Weigang Biography

Gao Weigang is an anomaly, a supreme practitioner of artistic pragmatics. In his works, the artist experiments with an expanded realm of painting that borders on both sculpture and installation while retaining a strong sense of medium-specificity.

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These paintings, despite the artist's professed boredom with two-dimensional work, remains willing to experiment with the figurative while voiding iconicity. The admirable subtlety evident in his paintings is also reflected in their conceptual rationale: here, Gao Weigang demonstrates a play between inside and out--those two key terms of Chinese contemporary art history--by imagining spaces of always-already existent science fiction.

His desire for cognitive experimentation onto the material world, tearing into specific objects with a furiously transformative energy, he grapples with this same energy in an attempt to interpolate the audience into the space between the artist and his work. Likewise, the emphasis on craft is replaced by production value and manufactured simplicity.

Text courtesy Magician Space.

Gao Weigang Featured Artworks

Where 3 by Gao Weigang contemporary artwork
Gao WeigangWhere 3, 2016Gold on stainless steel
218 x 55 x 8 cm
Perrotin Contact Gallery

Gao Weigang Recent Exhibitions

Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, Slippages at Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai
12 November 2016–7 January 2017 Group Exhibition Slippages Pearl Lam GalleriesShanghai

Gao Weigang Represented By

Pearl Lam Galleries contemporary art gallery in Pedder Street, Hong Kong Pearl Lam Galleries Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai

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