Peter Doig is a renowned figurative painter probably best known for his disorienting paintings of buildings and landscapes. Doig paints from his own photographic sources or film stills and images from newspapers and magazines.

Doig draws from memories of his childhood spent in Canada to construct nostalgic scenes of ski-trips and nature that pay equal attention to both figures and landscapes. His paintings, though representative of realities, invite viewers to question whether his subject matter is gathered from public realms or personal or shared experiences. Doig’s progression from natural, largely uninhabited, landscapes to populated architectural scenes reflect on the same physical progressions of modern civilization.

Nominated for the Turner Prize in 1994, Doig received the Prix Elliette von Karajin the same year and was later awarded the Wolfgang Hahn Prize of the Society for Modern Art, Museum Ludwig, Cologne in 2008. Solo exhibitions of Doig’s work have been held at Tate Britain, London (2008); the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (2014); and Museum der Bildenden Kunste, Leipzig (2006). His work is held in major collections both public and private around the world.

Peter Doig who was born in Scotland now lives and works in Trinidad. 

Photo by Honkadori / CC BY-SA