Julie Mehretu at Marian Goodman Gallery
8 January 2021
Julie Mehretu at Marian Goodman Gallery

Julie Mehretu, Conversion (S.M. del Popolo/after C.) (2019–2020). © Julie Mehretu. Courtesy the artist.

One of the standout gallery exhibitions last year was Julie Mehretu's about the space of half an hour at Marian Goodman Gallery in New York (2 November–23 December 2020).

Mehretu will be the subject of a major mid-career survey at The Whitney Museum of American Art from 25 March to 8 August 2021.

Pictured here is Mehretu's Conversion (S.M. del Popolo/after C.) (2019–2020) from her exhibition at Marian Goodman Gallery.

In Mehretu's recent conversation with Fawz Kabra in Ocula Magazine, she charts the development of her practice:

'In my work, the language of abstraction has evolved. Painting evolves slowly. But through years of working and mark-making, how I think about space, surface, the marks, and what can happen in a painting has transformed.'

Mehretu's paintings are visceral, time-bending journeys that evoke unnerving memories and sensations from deep within our subconscious.—[O]

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