Michaël Borremans at Zeno X Gallery
Michaël Borremans at Zeno X Gallery

Michaël Borremans, The Pope (2020). Oil on canvas. 60 x 40 cm.⁠ Courtesy Zeno X Gallery.

Michaël Borremans is one of the most exciting contemporary artists working today.

Represented by Zeno X Gallery in Belgium, his solo show Coloured Cones is currently exhibiting at their space in Antwerp until 20 February.⁠

Coloured Cones was a product of his time in lockdown in his studio outside Ghent. Not able to work from models, these still-life works were conjured from various coloured and shaped satin fabric samples found in his studio—the choice of fabric a nod to sitters' clothing in Western portrait paintings. ⁠

In conversation with Ocula Magazine contributor Diana d'Arenberg prior to his 2018 solo show at David Zwirner Hong Kong, Borremans spoke of the figures in his portraits resembling a still life; posed, passive, and frozen, creating an atmosphere of suspense. ⁠

What makes the works in this exhibition so interesting is how each individual satin cone takes on a character of its own, becoming portraits in their own right.

The Pope, pictured here, is an ode to Velaquez's renowned portrait of Pope Innocent X produced circa 1650. ⁠

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