2023 featured exhibitors

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A premier art event, Frieze Seoul showcases a dynamic convergence of renowned exhibitors and galleries.

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Esteemed participants include Kukje Gallery, Hyundai Gallery, Gagosian Gallery, and White Cube, contributing to the art fair's vibrant tapestry. Kukje Gallery, celebrated for its avant-garde exhibitions and artists, brings an innovative touch, while Hyundai Gallery impresses with its fusion of contemporary and traditional artistry.

Gagosian Gallery and White Cube, global art stalwarts, exhibit a diverse range of artists, fostering cross-cultural dialogues. Notable names like Esther Schipper, Lehmann Maupin, P21, Pace, Thaddaeus Ropac, Sprüth Magers, Various Small Fires, and Whistle also add an important flair to the event. These galleries offer a plethora of artistic styles, from cutting-edge installations to thought-provoking sculptures.

Frieze Seoul emerges as a nexus for artistic exploration, making it a significant focal point for art enthusiasts and art collectors alike. The galleries' participation not only amplifies the event's importance but also enriches the global art discourse. For those seeking an immersive experience into the contemporary art world, Frieze Seoul stands as an unmissable occasion.

Sprüth Magers contemporary art gallery in Berlin, Germany
Sprüth Magers London, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York
Mazzoleni contemporary art gallery in Turin, Italy
Mazzoleni London, Turin
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2023 featured artworks

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Frieze Seoul showcases a diverse array of artworks that span multiple genres and themes, creating a rich range of artistic expression.

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Visitors can explore works ranging from the emotive pieces of Tracey Emin to the empowering female-centered mythology crafted by Woo Hannah. Priyageetha Dia's narratives of migration resonate deeply, while the innovative works of Korean pioneers of abstraction push artistic boundaries.

The event also features the captivating installations of Haegue Yang, providing a multisensory experience. Galleries like Kukje, Gagosian, and STPI contribute to the diversity with their carefully curated selections. From Emin's poignant reflections to Dia's poignant narratives and the avant-garde abstraction, Frieze Seoul is an exceptional display of contemporary creativity, inviting attendees to engage with thought-provoking artworks that transcend cultural and thematic borders.

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2023 floorplan

About Frieze Seoul

In 2022, Frieze launched a new international art fair in Seoul via a unique partnership with the Galleries Association of Korea. The first edition of Frieze Seoul was a huge success, and Frieze Seoul 2023 became a hotly anticipated event.

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Nestled in the heart of Seoul, a city renowned for its historical charm and modern verve, Frieze Seoul brings together the world's leading contemporary art galleries, uniting an exquisite array of artworks that challenge norms, ignite discourse, and redefine creative boundaries. Spanning mediums from classic paintings to avant-garde digital installations and dynamic performance art, the fair serves as a dynamic platform for both established virtuosos and emerging talents, captivating a discerning audience.

Frieze Seoul takes place at COEX, in the Gangnam district in the heart of Seoul over the month of September. The South Korean gallery scene is galvanised by the event, and visitors to the city can also expect to enjoy contemporary art on show during events organised around Hannam Night, Cheongdam Night and Samcheong Night. The new fair has demonstrated a commitment to celebrating the city's thriving creative community.

Frieze Seoul will run alongside Kiaf SEOUL, South Korea's leading art fair, which has showcased the best Korean galleries for over 20 years. Together, the two events will bring galleries from across Asia and the rest of the world to Seoul, creating an unmissable week of activity for both local and international art audiences.

Frieze Seoul features over 100 of the world's leading art galleries with a primary focus on contemporary art supplemented by a Frieze Masters section dedicated to art from antiquity through to the 20th century. Emerging rising stars, as well as Modern masters will be on display. Utilising the Frieze global network, world-class programming and civic engagement will be at the centre of Frieze Week in Seoul.

Central to Frieze Seoul's essence is its dedication to cultural interplay and synergy. In addition to viewing the exceptional gallery booths on show, attendees at the art fair can partake in an expertly curated line-up of talks, panel discussions, and workshops led by trailblazing artists, curators, and intellectuals. This art event delves into the junctures of art, society, and technology, unravelling novel insights into art's evolving role in shaping our world.

As you venture into Frieze Seoul, whether an avid art collector, an inquisitive aficionado, or a seeker of inspiration, anticipate an unmatched odyssey into the forefront of contemporary ingenuity. Join us in exalting the potency of artistic innovation and its profound influence on our current perceptions and future visions. For those navigating the artistic zeitgeist, Frieze Seoul beckons, an unparalleled compass pointing toward uncharted creative horizons.

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