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Emi Eu: ‘We have to look at Southeast Asia as one market’ Ocula Conversation Emi Eu: ‘We have to look at Southeast Asia as one market’ Stephanie Bailey, Singapore

STPI's Emi Eu reflects on S.E.A. Focus, an STPI project platforming artists and galleries from Southeast Asia, in the wake of Art Stage's decline in 2019 and ahead of the launch of Singapore's new art fair, Art SG, in October 2020.

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New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata: Shows to See Ocula Report New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata: Shows to See Kanika Anand, New Delhi

With India Art Fair set to open amid nationwide protests, Kanika Anand introduces shows in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata that express shifting socio-political identities, modes of resistance, and explorations of place-making.

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Images from Abroad: Lada Nakonechna at Galerie EIGEN + ART Ocula Insight Images from Abroad: Lada Nakonechna at Galerie EIGEN + ART Phoebe Blatton, Berlin

Images from abroad , Lada Nakonechna's solo exhibition at Galerie EIGEN + ART in Berlin, considers the barriers that exist between depictions of conflict and their viewers.

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b. 2002, China

Yangjiang Group Biography

Yangjiang Group is an artistic group founded in 2002 by Zheng Guogu (B. 1970, Yangjiang, China), Chen Zaiyan (1971, Yangchun, China) and Sun Qinglin (1974, Yangjiang, China). They use the unique medium of Chinese calligraphy to develop a diverse contemporary practice. Yangjiang Group and their collaborators also aim to rid their artistic practice of any established rules and controllable conditions.

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Rather than rebelling against the tradition of Chinese calligraphy,Yangjiang Group gets its inspiration from the origin of the ‘long river’ of Chinese calligraphy – the ancient days when painting and writing froms were not divided. For Yangjiang Group, the momentun of modern society is calligraphy coming to life and the process of creating calligraphy becomes a way for the artists to reflect the world. Combining calligraphy with the unknowable dynamics of life force, the art of Yangjiang Group forges a unique style – I make calligraphy therefore I am.

Calligraphy works as a metaphor for Yangjiang Group to indicate the unpredictability, the mistery the chances hidden under the surface of a materialistic and confusing world. In their art practice there is no fixed form. Elements from  everyday life – news talks, gambling, soccer games, discount sales etc.etc. – give birth to a new approach of making calligraphy. Time and materials are transformed into a comprehensive situation by the fermentation of interaction with wine, tea, discourses and daily situations. For example, in the work Fan Hou Shu Fa (After Meal Calligraphy), the artists turned an ordinary household dinner into a spontaneous theatre in a public space. The leftovers became the key material to create calligraphy. Food integrates with art , as an experiment to connect spirituality and the materialistic world. The content of the calligraphy worked as a motto to reflect the relation between human activities and the surroundings within the process of the performance.

The pecularities of the artists’ lives generate the way they work, which holds a characteristic of constantly adapting and integrating itself with the daily process. The very occurrences of life itself influence the art form of Yangjiang Group by offering a wide spectrum of diverse experiences, with which the artists have each time to engage through a different response, according to their perception of a certain tendency of energy.

Yangjiang Group Featured Artworks

Deep Blue by Yangjiang Group contemporary artwork
Yangjiang GroupDeep Blue, 2013Lacquer on canvas
208 x 208 cm
Tang Contemporary Art Enquire about this work

Yangjiang Group Recent Exhibitions

Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, The Crime of Adolf Loos at Axel Vervoordt Gallery, Antwerp
16 March–25 May 2019 Group Exhibition The Crime of Adolf Loos Axel Vervoordt Gallery, Antwerp

Yangjiang Group Represented By

Yangjiang Group In Ocula Magazine

Dr Uli Sigg Ocula Conversation Dr Uli Sigg Diana d'Arenberg, Hong Kong

When Sydney art dealer Ray Hughes visited Swiss collector Uli Sigg at his Mauensee residence near Lucerne some years ago, a mutual friend asked the dealer how the visit went. ‘Did you feel comfortable and find a place to kick your feet up and read?’ ‘No, to both,’ answered Hughes, ‘it seems there was only art...

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Zheng Guogu Ocula Conversation Zheng Guogu Stella Rosa McDonald, Sydney

Over the Australian summer, cult Chinese artists Yangjiang Group will present a new multi-site work commissioned by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. Actions for Tomorrow will take over both the public and private areas at 4A in addition to a one-night only participatory performance and garden party at the Chinese Gardens of...

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Yangjiang Group In Related Press

'Tales of Our Time': Chinese contemporary art at the Guggenheim New York Related Press 'Tales of Our Time': Chinese contemporary art at the Guggenheim New York 29 January 2017, Art Radar Journal

Tales of Our Time is the second of The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Chinese Art Initiative, which seeks to commission new works relevant to Chinese contemporary art which will then enter the Guggenheim’s permanent collection. All the artists included in the exhibition were born between 1970-80, thus suggesting that the works on display in...

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New Art from China Renders Local Histories Fantastic, Futuristic, and Bloody Related Press New Art from China Renders Local Histories Fantastic, Futuristic, and Bloody 13 January 2017, Hyperallergic

In the corner of a small gallery on an upper floor of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, you are immersed in a bloody, bizarre, and strangely emotional tableau. Inside a floor-to-ceiling acrylic cage, a black robotic arm twirls around, sweeping bloody residue on the floor towards itself. Just as the arm’s plastic flap cleans one area, more liquid...

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