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Explore current and upcoming exhibitions across Los Angeles' best galleries, institutions, and non-profit art spaces.

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Los Angeles, California, has long been a sanctuary for artists and collectors, with its world-class museums, renowned fashion and arts schools, prolific street art and proximity to Hollywood and the entertainment industry. A centre of American culture, fashion, and the arts for the last several decades, Los Angeles also hosts several significant eventsin the global art scene.

A melting pot of global culture, L.A. has offered the contemporary art scene a breath of fresh air since the influx of commercial galleries in the 1940s and '50s. Some notable institutions and galleries include the Los Angeles County Museumof Art, and David Kordansky Gallery for example.

Discover current and upcoming exhibitions and events across Los Angeles' best museums, institutions, and non-profit art spaces.

Best Exhibitions to See in Los Angeles

Although Los Angeles is considered a centre for culture, fashion, and the arts year-round, certain events draw artenthusiasts to the city each year. One of the most significant events is the LA Art Show held in January, showcasing modern, contemporary and traditional art. FriezeLos Angeles, held in February, is the West Coast edition of New York's and London's events of the same name, drawing collectors from around the globe. Another highlight is Made in L.A, which takes place biannually and focuses on local artists.

View our exhibition profiles to discover must-see exhibitions on display in Los Angeles. We've curated a selection ofexhibitions and arts events featuring sculpture, painting on canvas and photographs, boasting endless possibilities to explore modern art, culture and fashion. Each profile provides comprehensive information about the exhibition, delineating the specific art form showcased at the Los Angeles museum or gallery hosting the event. Readers can delve into insightful narratives about the artist and gain insights into the creative process behind the works on display.

Bringing Together the Leading Art in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is an ideal place to experience American fashion and the arts. Whether you're interested in viewing sculptures and ceramics, abstract paintings, ink and paper drawings or photography, a wide variety of works are on display in Los Angeles throughout the year.

Visit the Hauser & Wirth West Hollywood space to see artists like Frank Bowling's whose 2023 solo exhibition entitled Landscape was a huge success. This artist's abstract painting style is inspired by nature and depicts his representation of geological features. Artist Martine Sims's exhibition,Loser Back Home, explored the culture of Blackness in the past, present and future. In this exhibition at Sprüth Magers, Sims used film, archival prints and photo installations to visually narrate stories of the Black experience.

At the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, one can view works by Keith Haring, celebrated for his vibrant and energetic visual language inspired by street art, pop culture and social activism. Haring's art serves as a powerful vehicle for social commentary, advocating for inclusivity, love and positive change. The artist created a visual lexicon that remains instantly recognisable to this day.

View artworks like those by Thomas J Price, whose work includes thought-provoking sculptures and still-life photograph installations on display at Hauser & Wirth. Through meticulous attention to detail and striking realism, Price sparks dialogue on race and individuality, inviting viewers to reflect on their own biases and perceptions.

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