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b. 1961, USA

Mark Bradford Biography

Mark Bradford is a world-renowned abstract artist based in Los Angeles. He earned his BFA in 1995 when he was in his 30s, and graduated with an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts two years later.

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Bradford's art practice is inextricably linked to his personal history. Raised in a single-parent family, he moved to Santa Monica at age 11. He spent most of his formative years helping out inside his mother's beauty salon, Foxy Hair, which was situated in Los Angeles' Leimert Park neighbourhood. After high school, he attained a hairdresser's license and worked at his mother's salon. With his meagre savings from hairstyling, he spent the rest of his time immersing himself in nightclub culture—especially drag performance—both in Los Angeles and abroad, before deciding to take fine art courses at Santa Monica College.

Mesmerised by Abstract Expressionists Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, as well as Robert Rauschenberg's 'combines', he realised that he would never become an easel painter. Instead, he returned to a medium he'd worked with since his childhood: end papers—the small rectangular tissues used during the perming process in salons.

Bradford's work predominantly takes the form of papier mâché painting-sculpture hybrids. The artist often incorporated singed permanent-wave end papers and cellophane used in hair dyeing in early abstract collages such as Daddy, Daddy, Daddy (2001), which is in the collection of the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York. Other found materials like commercial fliers, posters, and billboards salvaged from South Los Angeles also make their way onto his large-scale canvases. After gluing them in place until many layers are formed, he laboriously sands the surface to reveal colours and patterns.

Bradford describes his method of layering and then grinding down the surface as analogous to archaeological digging or plumbing the depths of the human psyche. In addition to 'digging', he has also introduced the technique of 'pulling' to his practice, in which ropes are embedded in the layers of paper and then pulled away. Works utilising this technique include Pull Painting 1 (2015) and Nothing about this is good (2018).

Bradford has never shied away from tackling identity politics, and the materials he uses in his works, which he describes as 'social abstraction', are loaded with connotations of race and class. Such materials include not only end papers but also, for instance, mortgage flyers targeting people with low incomes. The artworks themselves sometimes veer away from abstraction to make clear social critiques, as in Finding Barry (2015), for which the AIDS rates of different states of the United States were carved into the walls of the Hammer Museum. The video Practice (2003) taps into issues of queerness and black bodies with the artist himself filmed shooting hoops while wearing a Los Angeles Lakers shirt and a four-foot-diameter hoop skirt. Such works seek to undo the stereotype of effortless athleticism often affixed to African Americans.

Apart from working as an artist, Bradford co-founded the non-profit space Art + Practice in 2014 with social activist Allan DiCastro and collector Eileen Harris Norton. Hosting events and exhibitions, the space seeks to provide art education for children under foster care and act as an institution of contemporary art for its community. His social engagement is also evidenced in his art. In his contribution to New Orleans' Prospect.1 triennial in 2008, for example, he used posters and plywood panels to construct a boat-like sculpture entitled Mithra—a Noah's Ark for the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

In 2009, Bradford received a a 'Genius Grant' from the MacArthur Fellows Program, and in 2017, he represented the United States at the Venice Biennale with the solo exhibition Tomorrow is Another Day. The United States Pavilion's neoclassical architecture is modelled after the estate of former president Thomas Jefferson, who owned hundreds of black slaves during his life. Bradford had audiences enter the pavilion from the side—the entrance meant for servants or slaves. Inside, five exhibition rooms showcased works that combined myths, grand historical narratives and personal experiences. Spoiled Foot (2017), for instance, has a texture meant to suggest the lesions caused by AIDS, and the narrow spaces left around his works aimed to replicate the marginalisation the artist experiences.

Bradford has exhibited around the world, including a solo exhibition entitled Tears of a Tree at Shanghai's Rockbund Art Museum in 2015. He returned to Shanghai in 2019 with a series of newly commissioned artworks for his solo exhibition Los Angeles, presented at the Long Museum and curated by Diana Nawi. Among the epic works on show were Mithra (2008), the 12-metre-high pull painting Float (2019), and He would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes (2019), an installation comprised of numerous globes of various sizes.

Penny Liu | Ocula | 2019

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10 minutes ahead of rent by Mark Bradford contemporary artwork painting
Mark Bradford10 minutes ahead of rent, 1996Acrylic and mixed-media collage on canvas on board
91.4 x 188 cm
Hollis Taggart Enquire
Dancing in the Street by Mark Bradford contemporary artwork moving image
Mark BradfordDancing in the Street, 2019Video, 2 min, 50 sec
Hauser & Wirth Enquire
Q7 by Mark Bradford contemporary artwork painting, mixed media
Mark BradfordQ7, 2020Mixed media on canvas
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Rising by Mark Bradford contemporary artwork painting, mixed media
Mark BradfordRising, 2019Mixed media on canvas
175.9 x 148.9 x 5.7 cm
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Painting 6 by Mark Bradford contemporary artwork mixed media
Mark BradfordPainting 6, 2019Mixed media on canvas
121.9 x 91.4 cm
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The Loop of Deep Waters 8 by Mark Bradford contemporary artwork mixed media
Mark BradfordThe Loop of Deep Waters 8, 2014Mixed media collage
145 x 114 x 114 cm
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Rockbund Art Museum
The Loop of Deep Waters 7 by Mark Bradford contemporary artwork mixed media
Mark BradfordThe Loop of Deep Waters 7, 2014Mixed media collage
147 x 115 x 115 cm
Not for sale
Rockbund Art Museum
The Loop of Deep Waters 6 by Mark Bradford contemporary artwork mixed media
Mark BradfordThe Loop of Deep Waters 6, 2014Mixed media collage
147 x 112 x 112 cm
Not for sale
Rockbund Art Museum

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Hauser & Wirth contemporary art gallery in Hong Kong Hauser & Wirth Gstaad, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Menorca, Monte Carlo, New York, Somerset, Southampton, St. Moritz, Zurich

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