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b. 1962, United Kingdom

Callum Innes Biography

Scottish artist Callum Innes has forged a worldwide reputation as one of the most significant abstract painters of his generation. Single-mindedly following his own path, since the early 1990s he has explored monochrome painting in highly innovative ways, creating minimalist geometric abstract works that have captured the attention of the international art world.

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Innes’ distinctive works are characterized by monochromatic colour zones within precise geometric compositions, yet their apparent simplicity belies their complexity of construction and depth of expression. His paintings have a powerful, almost physical impact on the senses and emotions. Their effect is magical, entrancing and mesmerizing the viewer.

Callum Innes was born in Edinburgh in 1962. He studied drawing and painting at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, from 1980 to 1984 and completed a post-graduate degree at Edinburgh College of Art in 1985. He was short-listed for the Turner Prize in 1995, won the prestigious NatWest Prize for Painting in 1998, and in 2002 was awarded the Jerwood Prize for Painting.

At art school, Innes focused on figurative works but decided to move towards abstraction after a career-changing residency in Amsterdam in 1987, when he had the chance to see the work of more international artists. However, he still wished to retain a figurative element, a human presence in his work. This was translated in his approach to making the painting and its physical nature. His paintings are created through a complex process of application and removal of paint. Instead of building up a painting through an accumulation of brush strokes which eventually fill the canvas, he often paints a canvas in one colour before using turpentine to wipe away paint from one section of the surface, sometimes revealing the gesso-primed canvas itself. He may repeat this process several times. This systematic layering and dissolving, which takes place over several days, weeks or months, gives his work a complex rhythm and beauty.

Often a thin, vertical line where the cleansed and painted sections of the composition meet, separates the two halves of the canvas. It is not created as an afterthought but is an integral part of the creation of the painting. This line, and the edges of the colour zones, which appear at first glance monochromatic, retain the various faintly coloured residues of the paint which has been removed - traces of the process and controlled chaos of their production. Paradoxically, while the act of creation can be uncertain and tense, the end results are calm and meditative.

Callum Innes makes works in a number of different ways which are continually evolving. He has produced paintings, sculptures and paper works. His series of paintings including Exposed Paintings, Agitated Verticals, Resonance, Isolated Forms and Monologue works are all made by this process of ‘un-painting’ as well as painting. While his forms are sharp and precise, the proportions of his compositions meticulously calculated and perfect, the paintings possess a sense of mystery and emotion which perhaps stem from their often figurative inspiration. Although they are abstract, Innes says they all started originally from figures, plant forms, architectural features or natural occurrences. It is not hard to imagine that the luminous quality of his paintings derives from the vastness and brilliant light witnessed by the artist on his walks on the east coast of his native Scotland.

Innes’ abstract compositions have a feeling of balance and purity, as well as a sense of both space and time. His process of creation leaves behind a memory of what was there before, as the paintings carry within them the evidence that something has disappeared. In this way, the materials he uses are not only the tools of his art but also its subject. The time that has passed, the process of painting, is a vital part of the end result. His paintings elicit a response on many levels—emotional, physical and even spiritual—but the artist is reluctant to explain their magic, preferring to leave each viewer to experience them in his own way.

Callum Innes’ work is held in renowned public collections including the Guggenheim, New York; Tate Britain; the Centre Pompidou, Paris; the National Gallery of Australia; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston; the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin; the Kunsthaus, in Zurich; and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. 

Callum Innes Featured Artworks

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Exposed Painting Crimson Lake by Callum Innes contemporary artwork
Callum InnesExposed Painting Crimson Lake, 2018Oil on linen
180 x 175 cm
Sean Kelly Enquire about this work
Untitled Lamp Black no.12 by Callum Innes contemporary artwork
Callum InnesUntitled Lamp Black no.12, 2019Oil on linen
160 x 157 cm
Ingleby Gallery Enquire about this work
Untitled by Callum Innes contemporary artwork
Callum InnesUntitled, 1981Shellac on linen
120 x 120 cm
Not for sale
Two Rooms
Exposed Painting Cadmium Orange by Callum Innes contemporary artwork
Callum InnesExposed Painting Cadmium OrangeOil on linen
Variable dimensions
Two Rooms Enquire about this work

Callum Innes Recent Exhibitions

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Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, Dallas Art Fair Online at Kerlin Gallery, Dublin
14–23 April 2020 Group Exhibition Dallas Art Fair Online Kerlin Gallery, Online Only
Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, WestFarbe: Paint vs Colour at Two Rooms, Auckland
31 January–29 February 2020 Group Exhibition WestFarbe: Paint vs Colour Two Rooms, Auckland
Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, Abstract by Nature at Sean Kelly, New York
28 June–2 August 2019 Group Exhibition Abstract by Nature Sean Kelly, New York

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Callum Innes In Related Press

Interview with Callum Innes Related Press Interview with Callum Innes 20 July 2016, art*zine

On view at i8 gallery from June 9th-August 6th is a solo show by the Scottish painter, Callum Innes. Born in Edinburgh in 1962, he studied at Gray’s School of Art and the Edinburgh College of Art. Erin Honeycutt sat down with him at i8 gallery the day of the opening to discuss his past and future work.

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A moment's pause: Callum Innes creates a space in time Related Press A moment's pause: Callum Innes creates a space in time 16 June 2016, The Reykjavík Grapevine

Callum Innes sits in the lounge area of the i8 gallery, looking at a flyer while he thinks. He picks up a pen, and unconsciously presses it to the card, about a third of the way in from the left edge. He moves the pen to the centre, and tilts his head slightly, regarding the flyer, now split in two by his line. He shifts the pen to the right edge...

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Callum Innes In Video & Audio

Ingleby Gallery Callum Innes Related Video & Audio Ingleby Gallery Callum Innes 23 March 2018, Ingleby Gallery

Callum Innes is one of the leading abstract painters of his generation, widely recognised for the distinctive visual language of layering and removing pigment that he has developed over the past 20 years. In this film Innes invites us into his Edinburgh studio and discusses the making of his Exposed Paintings, the series of works for which he is...

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Callum Innes – 'I'm Curious About Colour' | TateShots Related Video & Audio Callum Innes – 'I'm Curious About Colour' | TateShots 10 February 2011, Tate

TateShots travelled to Edinburgh to meet Callum Innes, one of the artists featured in Tate Britain's 'Watercolour' exhibition.

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