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Filipe da Costa Leite

Collecting Trailblazers

Portuguese collector Filipe da Costa Leite grew up surrounded by paintings from his family's collection that included works by Paula Rego, Hélio Oiticica, and A.R. Penck.

Since then, Leite has become attuned to artists from his own generation, combining their works with key artists from the 20th century. The result is an eclectic group ranging from Carmen Herrera to Jack Whitten and Wolfgang Tillmans to Christina Quarles and Nathaniel Mary Quinn.

We invited Leite to curate a selection of artworks from our gallery platform, providing an insight into his collecting habits. The list includes hot younger artists Genesis Belanger, Stefanie Heinze, and Michael Armitage alongside more established names such as Cecily Brown and Franz West. An astute awareness of the market always comes across when speaking to Leite, but this is clearly married to a very personal connection to some artists' work.

In our conversation, the London-based collector notes that Jack Whitten was 'overlooked for many decades and yet he was making squeegee paintings way before Richter and then these fantastic sculptures in Greece'. He then mentions that the artist was introduced to Hauser & Wirth by their superstar painter, Mark Bradford.

Rita Ackermann's 'Mama' paintings are a more recent love affair, whilst the strangeness of Franz West and Michaël Borremans seem to touch him personally, as he describes how they appeal to the 'crazy side of my brain'.

Whilst also generous with praise for Cecily Brown—'her work and her market keep going from strength to strength'—Leite is equally enthusiastic about younger artists, exclaiming that 'Stefanie Heinze is going to explode!' And describes Michael Armitage as 'one of the most important artists from our generation. I have met Michael a few times and he is the pinnacle of what an artist can be: incredibly talented, kind, and eloquent.'

One senses that this desire for discovering younger artists and following their journey to international recognition may be at the core of his passion for collecting.


Mama, Skirt on Fire by Rita Ackermann contemporary artwork painting, drawing
Rita Ackermann Mama, Skirt on Fire, 2020 Oil, acrylic, pigment, and china marker on canvas
193 x 190.5 cm
Hauser & Wirth
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Every move by Genesis Belanger contemporary artwork sculpture
Genesis Belanger Every move, 2020 Stoneware, porcelain, oil painted nails
22.9 x 22.9 x 29.2 cm
rodolphe janssen
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As You Treat Me (Specious Prosperities) by Stefanie Heinze contemporary artwork painting
Stefanie Heinze As You Treat Me (Specious Prosperities), 2020 Oil and acrylic on linen
170 x 235 cm
Capitain Petzel
Curtain by Sanya Kantarovsky contemporary artwork print
Sanya Kantarovsky Curtain, 2019 Woodblock print on washi paper
40 x 29.5 cm
Taka Ishii Gallery
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Large Rocket by Michaël Borremans contemporary artwork painting
Michaël Borremans Large Rocket, 2019 Oil on canvas
300 x 190 cm
Zeno X Gallery
Strange Fruit by Michael Armitage contemporary artwork painting
Michael Armitage Strange Fruit, 2016 Oil on Lubugo bark cloth
300 x 170 cm
Taipei Fine Arts Museum

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