Vicky Chen
Curated Selection

Vicky Chen

Combining Past and Present

Building on the knowledge and expertise of Taiwan's established collector community, Vicky Chen is part of a new generation embracing advances in technology as well as international travel to expand the local art scene.

With the launch of TAO ART in Taipei in 2020, Chen has created a space that combines the past with the present, bringing together artefacts and antiques from her father's collection with contemporary acquisitions.

Since founding the space, Chen has focused on supporting the Taiwanese art community, collecting works by artists including Chou Yu-Cheng, Wu Chi-Tsung, John Yuyi, and Jeng Jundian. Yet she remains open to discovering artists elsewhere, travelling to catch key exhibitions in places like New York and London.

Among Chen's artwork selections for Ocula are discoveries she made at fairs and exhibitions internationally, including Philippe Parreno, whose light works she is particularly taken by, having seen a site-specific light installation by the artist at MoMA in 2019, or Nairy Baghramian, having seen the artist's sculptures at Skulptur Projekte in M√ľnster, Germany, in 2017.

'I like it when people don't realise when they are looking at an artwork,' Chen notes. 'I want art to be fun; for it to be close to us.' At TAO ART, her collection reflects this playfulness, where the boundaries between art and non-art objects is blurred, as does her interest in work that is characterised by humour and wit.

'To me, collecting art isn't just about purchasing a beautiful piece of art. It's collecting moments and memories in life.' Such a concern is reflected in the relationships she builds with artists, also, emphasising the importance of growing alongside the individuals she supports, as with her friendship with Berlin-based Chinese artist He Xiangyu, whose work is being presented at TAO ART during Taipei Dangdai.

Main image: Photo: Jason Studio and TRENSSE.


Palate 18-2-9 by He Xiangyu contemporary artwork painting, works on paper, drawing, mixed media
He Xiangyu Palate 18-2-9, 2018 Acrylic, graphite, charcoal, pencil, oil stick, acid-free glue, acid-free oil-based marker on paper
210 x 152 cm
SCAI The Bathhouse
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Balancing Act by Joyce Ho contemporary artwork sculpture
Joyce Ho Balancing Act, 2018 Painted stainless steel
204 x 176 x 84 cm
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Future Herbarium by Laurent Grasso contemporary artwork painting
Laurent Grasso Future Herbarium, 2020 Oil on wood
34 x 24 cm
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Flickering Lights (Marianne Brandt) by Philippe Parreno contemporary artwork sculpture, print
Philippe Parreno Flickering Lights (Marianne Brandt), 2018 Stereolithography print with translucent resin, halogen light bulb, DMX dimmer, light programming
85 x 64 x 40 cm
Esther Schipper
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Dwindler_Gush by Nairy Baghramian contemporary artwork works on paper, sculpture
Nairy Baghramian Dwindler_Gush, 2018 2 parts; paint, glass, zinc coated metal, colored epoxy resin
139 3/4 x 21 5/8 x 26 3/8 inches
Marian Goodman Gallery
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Wild Intervention by Genesis Belanger contemporary artwork sculpture
Genesis Belanger Wild Intervention, 2021 Stoneware, powder coated steel, concrete
107 x 102 x 82 cm
Nature Study #6 by Louise Bourgeois contemporary artwork sculpture
Louise Bourgeois Nature Study #6, 1995 Pink marble
48.3 x 88.9 x 61 cm
Hauser & Wirth
Untitled (But the boomerang that returns is not the same one I threw.) by Roni Horn contemporary artwork sculpture
Roni Horn Untitled ("But the boomerang that returns is not the same one I threw."), 2013-2017 solid cast glass with as-cast surfaces
50.8 x 91.4 cm
Xavier Hufkens
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Sunset B, CL2E354 and CL2 Blue Shadow by Ann Veronica Janssens contemporary artwork sculpture
Ann Veronica Janssens Sunset B, CL2E354 and CL2 Blue Shadow, 2020 Annealed glass with vertical ribs, PVC filter
Esther Schipper
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