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The bustling city of Taipei has an equally lively art scene, made up of tremendous museums, galleries and non-profit spaces. The National Palace Museum sits at the helm with over 600,000 artefacts spanning 5,000 years of history. Originally founded in Beijing in 1925, the Museum was relocated to Taipei during the Chinese Civil War in 1948 to safeguard its collection, which includes the famous jade cabbage—a detailed reproduction of a Chinese cabbage head reputed to have been part of the dowry of the Guangxu Emperor's consort Jin Fei in the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911)—along with ancient objects that include Song dynasty paintings and calligraphy, ritual bronzes, ceramics, early printed books and more.

Founded in 1983, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum showcases artwork by Taiwanese and international artists from the 19th century to today, and acts as the host for one of the region's best-loved biennials: the Taipei Biennial. The Biennial was borne from two exhibition projects conceived by the Museum to celebrate contemporary art: Contemporary Art trends in the ROC and An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Sculpture in the Republic of China, held on alternating years between 1984 and 1991 until they were merged in 1992 to form the Biennial.

With a solid institutional backbone, the city is also home to over 30 galleries. These spaces move between supporting contemporary artists and showcasing modern masters, such as Asia Art Center, which represents Li Chen, Chu Weibor and Yang Chihung, among others. The artful balance between modern and contemporary is a defining characteristic of many of the city's galleries, including Tina Keng Gallery, which has been instrumental in forging the careers of many Asian masters, including Zao Wou-Ki, Sanyu, Lin Fengmian and Yun Gee. TKG+—the gallery's experimental sister space—continues this legacy by working with emerging artists and providing a platform for experimentation across different media.

Taipei's galleries and art spaces are spread across the city. Those looking to avoid travel can spend time in Huashan 1914 Creative Park, which possesses a similar structure to Beijing's 798 Art Zone. The complex originated in 1914 as a wine factory and camphor refinery. It was vacated in 1987 and artists advocated for it to be used as an art space in 1997. The red brick buildings now host a number of exhibitions throughout the year, interspersed with cafés and knick-knack shops.

The city's more experimental spaces include TheCube Project Space, located in an alleyway in the southern part of the city. Founded by independent curator Amy Cheng and music critic Jeph Lo, TheCube takes pride in being one of few art spaces in the city that has the capacity to organise 'quality international exhibitions on a non-profit basis'. As such, TheCube has become a site of lively cultural exchange—a position that has been harnessed by the city as a whole.

Image: A view of Taipei City (台北) from the top of Xiangshan mountain (象山). Photo: David Hsieh (CC BY 2.0).

Featured Current Exhibitions In Taipei

Current Exhibition | Taipei
18 September–21 November 2021
Group exhibition

My Secret Garden

Asia Art Center View Exhibition

Exhibition view: Group exhibition, My Secret Garden, Asia Art Center, Taipei (18 September–21 November 2021). Courtesy Asia Art Center.

Contemporary art exhibition, Group exhibition, My Secret Garden at Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
Current Exhibition | Taipei
11 September–8 October 2021
Group Exhibition

Okinawa・Jeju・Taiwan Peace Art Exchange Exhibition

VT Artsalon View Exhibition

Exhibition view: Okinawa · Jeju· Taiwan Peace Art Exchange Exhibition, VT Artsalon, Taipei (11 September–18 October 2021). Courtesy VT Artsalon.

Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, Okinawa・Jeju・Taiwan Peace Art Exchange Exhibition at VT Artsalon, Taipei, Taiwan
Current Exhibition | Taipei
8–28 September 2021


Online VR Room View Exhibition
Exhibition view: KINJO, OVER THE BRIDGE, Gin Huang Gallery, Taipei (8–28 September 2021). Courtesy Gin Huang Gallery.  
Contemporary art exhibition, KINJO, OVER THE BRIDGE at Online VR Room, Taichung City, Taiwan
Current Exhibition | Taipei
4 September–9 October 2021
George Shaw

A Scrap of History

Lin & Lin Gallery View Exhibition
Exhibition view: George Shaw, A Scrap of History, Lin & Lin Gallery, Taipei (4 September–9 October 2021). Courtesy Lin & Lin Gallery. 
Contemporary art exhibition, George Shaw, A Scrap of History at Lin & Lin Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Current Exhibition | Taipei
28 August–10 October 2021
Chen Yingjie


Whitestone Gallery View Exhibition
Exhibition view: Chen Yingjie, Inevitability, Whitestone Gallery, Taipei (28 August–10 October 2021). Courtesy Whitestone Gallery.
Contemporary art exhibition, Chen Yingjie, Inevitability at Whitestone Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Current Exhibition | Taipei
28 August–24 October 2021
Shi Jin-Hua

The Rocks Return to Soil Where The Heart Belongs

Taitung Art Museum View Exhibition
Exhibition view: Shi Jin-Hua, The Rocks Return to Soil Where The Heart Belongs, Mind Set Art Center, Taipei (28 August–24 October 2021). Courtesy Mind Set Art Center. 
Contemporary art exhibition, Shi Jin-Hua, The Rocks Return to Soil Where The Heart Belongs at Taitung Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

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