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The Croatian duo joined the gallery amidst a flurry of new signings in January.

TARWUK Plants Bones in the Garden at White Cube

TARWUK, KLOSKLAS_1969_evitisoP_elbuoD (2022). Acrylic, epoxy clay, steel, wood, aluminium, polyurethane foam, and plastic. 100 x 126 x 57.5 cm © TARWUK. Photo © White Cube (David Westwood).

New York-based duo TARWUK made their debut at White Cube Mason's Yard in London this week. Their exhibition, which continues through 18 March is entitled Posadila sam kost u zimskom vrtu, which loosely translates to 'I planted a bone in the winter garden'. The phrase suggests a tension between unbridled nature and the cultivation of order, with the artists cultivating the rich earth of the subconscious.

Bruno Pogačnik Tremow and Ivana Vukšić have worked together as TARWUK since 2014. They were both born in Croatia in 1981 and came of age amidst the violent break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Among the works included in the show are deformed carnivalesque sculptures labelled 'mise en scenes' and paintings that merge elements from Byzantine, art nouveau, 19th century symbolism and 20th century styles. TARWUK is represented in Los Angeles by Matthew Brown.

Among other galleries bolstering their rosters, Pace took on American sculptor Hank Willis Thomson in mid-January. The announcement was made just hours after the unveiling of his Boston monument to Martin Luther King Junior and wife Loretta Scott.

Hauser & Wirth announced they would co-represent the estate of Windred Rembert with Fort Gansevoort. Rembert's paintings on tooled leather tell a deeply-personal story of living as a Black man in the deep South at the height of the Jim Crow era.

Fellow mega-gallery Almine Rech signed on emerging contemporary artists Ted Pim, who paints ominous and otherworldly baroque-inspired portraits and still lifes, and Alexis McGrigg whose interdisciplinary practice explores narratives of blackness manifested in figurative abstraction, spirituality, and celestial space.

New York gallery Hollis Taggart have signed Edward Holland, who creates Rauschenberg-esque mixed-media collages based on Zodiac constellations, and Rachel MacFarlane, who distils the memory of specific landscapes into shallow box models made from paper before painting.

Mexico City gallery OMR announced the addition of Spanish visual artist Ana Montiel and Mexican-American artist Eduardo Sarabia. Both will feature in the gallery's Zona Maco booth from 8 February.

Miami gallery Jupiter Contemporary will also be showing a new face at Zona Maco, presenting works in their booth by emerging Brooklyn-based artist Milo Matthieu. Matthieu, who creates subconsciously conceived figurative works, joined the gallery's roster in early January alongside emerging painter Dylan Rose Rheingold and ceramicist Daniel Mandelbaum.

In Europe, Swiss gallery von Bartha now represents German-Danish painter and filmmaker Ursula Reuter Christiansen, a former pupil of Joseph Beuys.

Silverlens recently announced representation the estates of two influential Filipino American artists. Leo Valledor joined the vanguard of American minimalism and, as a co-founder of New York artist co-op Park Place, his circle included Robert Grosvenor, Eva Hesse, Sol LeWitt and Donald Judd. Carlos Villa, meanwhile, carved his own path making works that draw upon indigenous cultures around the world and often incorporated his own body in some way. —[O]

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