Madonna, 2008

Painting, edition This is a unique work
51.2 x 31.5 x 1.2 inches
130.05 x 80.01 x 3.05 cm
130 x 80 x 3 cm (incl frame)
51 3/16 x 31 1/2 x 1 3/16 inches (incl frame)
The artwork is signed by the artist
Funkestra In the moment I am not an artist, but a conductor. I am a conductor bring about an air of insanity through images and color. The repetitive vibrant patterns are the rhythm, the short worlds are the melody and the sentences are lyrics. These Coe together and envelop you. As soon as I life the bacon, all you have to do is give into this music that surrounds you. The vibrant lights will guide you to a place you can see once darkness, but which recedes once the sun comes beauty of this moment is all we have. Move your body. Move into a world of chaos, a world without rules. This is all we can do now. Amidst the vibrate lights discard, throw away your feelings of resentment. Resist the transience of your lives. This place where cigarette smoke and alcohol, sex and drugs, run rampant. This is your refuge. There is nothing that appeals to human emotion so strongly as music. You cannot see it, but as it passes through the air, it has the power to bend emotions to it’s will. If we say that an image creates atmosphere, music delivers the final punch. A simple illustration of this idea is MTV (Music Television). Music videos are but 3-4 minutes long, but with each passing minute we experience a series of climaxes. Being constantly expose to such sensations, we can but become habituated to these endless climaxes. Who amongst us could refuse such a thing? Funkchestra is a compound word of funk or funky and orchestra. Possessing a repetitive rhythm and a simple melody, funk attempts to bring out the “groove” that all type of music evoke. A commonality between African American music and Korean music are they prevalent themes of suffering and repression, and excitement(or that “grove”). If the suffering of African American is manifested in soul music, the excitement is manifest in funk. With strong rhythmic beats that excite and entrance the listener, Funk and soul retain a primal nature. Sometimes people go beyond a simple entrancement and appear to be in communion with some otherworldly sprit. Perhaps this is why certain religions and ideologies may have tabooed African American music. Furthermore, sex and drugs and exotic, sensual dancing often surrounded such music, causing for many a state of moral crises. Within popular culture, Funkchestra is particularly effective in making “groove”more tangible. Today’s pop music plays a role that used to be heavily dominated by poetry and novels. It communicates people’s thoughts and emotions, and their life stories through lyrics. This is because melodies and rhythms are the very essence of music. Around two decade ago, the music video arose as a medium that combined image and music to capture both the visual and auditory senses. With this combined images of clubs and billboards to materialize a network of meaning. Most of the worlds I use in my work come from pop music. Among these there are words dealing with issues of sexuality, idolatry pomography, and words that raise religious and philosophical questions. Theses I fuse together to create a magnificent orchestra a furnace where harmony and cacophony collide, a world of chaos, as I believe this best represents the era we live in. Courtesy Art Delight Gallery.
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