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Taloi Havini: Reclaiming Space and History Latest Ocula Conversation
In Partnership with Artspace Sydney
Taloi Havini: Reclaiming Space and History By Ruth McDougall, Sydney

Artist Taloi Havini and Ruth McDougall, curator of Pacific art at Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art, discuss Havini's first Australian solo exhibition, Reclamation .

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Armory Week Lowdown: Art Shows to See Latest Ocula Report Armory Week Lowdown: Art Shows to See By Casey Carsel, New York

After structural issues forced The Armory Show into last-minute relocation pirouettes last year, the fair returns between 5 and 8 March 2020 with a flourishing programme, complemented by stand-out shows across New York City.

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Ella Kruglyanskaya Steals from Art History, Takes Back Gaze Ocula Insight Ella Kruglyanskaya Steals from Art History, Takes Back Gaze By Tessa Moldan, London

For her second solo exhibition at Thomas Dane Gallery in London, Ella Kruglyanskaya's compositions signal the many possibilities of paint.

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Brussels Art Guide

At the heart of Europe, Brussels is a bustling, ever-changing city with a unique and highly active fine art scene. Over the centuries the Belgian capital has drawn European masters from Pieter Bruegel to Auguste Rodin, René Magritte, and Paul Delvaux. Heritage and UNESCO sites ranging from the medieval Grand-Place to 17th-century guild halls, a 19th-century stock exchange, iconic Art Nouveau and Art Deco town houses, and the futuristic Atomium building, amidst multiple green spaces define the urban landscape of this cosmopolitan cultural centre.

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For a city at the heart of European politics and bureaucracy, Brussels' contemporary art scene is highly anarchistic and anti-authoritarian, defying categorisation and standardisation. Highly decentralised and diverse, there is no principal art district; instead, networks and groupings of various migrant and local contemporary artists and their collectors are scattered across the city's districts in all manner of spaces. Empty and abandoned spaces across the city have been transformed into places of art, with even major institutions such as Kanal—Centre Pompidou occupying former industrial spaces.

The city's contemporary art museums and institutions—the Musée Modern (Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium), the Kanal, Wiels Contemporary Art Centre and Centrale for Contemporary Art—give just a small sample of the Brussels art world. An abundance of independent and alternative exhibition spaces and contemporary art galleries help Belgian and migrant artists find their own path. Galleries in Brussels like Templon, Xavier Hufkens, Galerie Greta Meert, Almine Rech, Office Baroque, and Rodolphe Janssen, as well as non-profits such as La Loge and Complot, and independent institutions such as the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art and the Boghossian Foundation (based in Villa Empain) act as the backbone to the city's contemporary art scene.

With one of the highest concentrations of collectors in Europe and a large number of galleries and independent art organisations that offer support and stability to newer artists, Brussels attracts a wealth of international artists, evident across the multi-cultural collaborations and exhibition spaces dotted across the city.

Major exhibitions are sometimes held at the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, though rarely do all art circles converge in this manner. The principal exception is the Art Brussels contemporary art fair (established in 1968), when artists, galleries, and art lovers from all over Brussels and overseas converge in one place. Other smaller alternative art fairs have arisen in recent years, including Art Truc Troc, the Affordable Art Fair, Independent, and Poppositions. These independent efforts attempt to alter gallery hierarchies and provide further space for emerging talent.

Current Exhibitions In Brussels

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Contemporary art exhibition, Cindy Ji Hye Kim, Riddles of the Id at rodolphe janssen, Brussels
28 March–9 May 2020 Cindy Ji Hye Kim Riddles of the Id rodolphe janssen, Brussels
Contemporary art exhibition, Jacqueline de Jong, WAR paintings from 1991 to 2014 at rodolphe janssen, Brussels
28 March–9 May 2020 Jacqueline de Jong WAR paintings from 1991 to 2014 rodolphe janssen, Brussels
Contemporary art exhibition, Michel François, Michel François at Xavier Hufkens, Brussels
10 March–25 April 2020 Michel François Xavier Hufkens, 6 rue St-Georges, Brussels
Contemporary art exhibition, Jim Dine, Jim Dine, The Classic Prints at Templon, Brussels
27 February–18 April 2020 Jim Dine Jim Dine, The Classic Prints Templon, Brussels

Ocula Member Galleries In Brussels

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Contemporary Institutions In Brussels

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Brussels In Ocula Magazine

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Golden Jubilee: Art Brussels Ocula Report Golden Jubilee: Art Brussels By Denis Maksimov, Brussels

At the entrance of the fiftieth anniversary edition of Art Brussels (19–22 April 2018), Iván Navarro 's Sediments (2017) at Galerie Templon's booth offered an appropriate 'welcome' into the bottomless world of an art fair—a world map rendered in lights that infinitely stretch into a void by way of an illusion created with mirrors. At La...

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Fair Play: Reflections on Art Brussels, 2016 Ocula Report Fair Play: Reflections on Art Brussels, 2016 By Stephanie Bailey, Brussels

The Independent art fair launched in Brussels this year, concurrent with Art Brussels, one of Europe’s oldest fairs, and it was a fitting disruption to Brussels ’ art week. Art Brussels, after all, was founded as Art Actuel in 1968, just one year after Art Cologne launched the first modern art fair as Kunstmarkt Köln. The same year...

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David Noonan Ocula Conversation David Noonan By Anna Dickie, London

A recent exhibition at Xavier Hufkens, Brussels saw the presentation of large-scale, screen-printed linen collages by Australian born, but London based artist, David Noonan. As with Noonan’s sculptural and film works, the linen collages presented at Hufkens are re-configurations of both abstract and figurative imagery, which he gleans...

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Koen Van Den Broek Ocula Conversation Koen Van Den Broek By Anna Dickie, Hong Kong

The work of Koen van den Broek refuses to be neatly defined. It bears strong affinities to the tradition of European painting, while at the same time inhabiting the landscape of the street and the vocabulary of American abstraction. Having studied architecture, the artist explores the geometric spaces of roads and transportation structures. Indeed...

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