Artist Miu Biography

Artist Miu is born in Fukuoka in 1975 and graduates from Takarazuka University of Art and Design. She learnt from Shozo Shimamoto who was the co-founder of Gutai. Her technique is also built on the philosophy that she inherits from Gutai. Gutai is a Japanese post-war avant-grade group that emphasises the delicate interaction between spirit and matter. Artist Miu followed the spirit by using the panel to set cement and pour the coloured resin. The contrast between coloured part and the cement parts are called “element of negativity” and “conversion of essence”. The bright, vivid colour indicates the joy, hope and light while the cement represents the shadow and dark side of the society. Artist Miu joined Art Unidentified in 2016. She now based in Osaka, Japan and continued her art creating.

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