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b. 1967, New Zealand

Ava Seymour Biography

Photographer Ava Seymour ‘s collaged photographs have been the subject of controversy since she began exhibiting in the early 1990s with the artist assembling images that reveal humanity’s dislocated engagement with the world.

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Seymour graduated from the Prahran College of Tafe, Melbourne (1989) and has work in the collection of the Auckland Art Gallery.

Ava Seymour In Ocula Magazine

'Freedom Farmers' At The Auckland Art Gallery Ocula Feature 'Freedom Farmers' At The Auckland Art Gallery By Kate Brettkelly-Chalmers, Auckland

Occupying the lion’s share of exhibition space at the Auckland Art Gallery, Freedom Farmers is said to be the museum’s largest survey of contemporary art in the last twenty-five years. Curated by the gallery’s own Natasha Conland, the exhibition looks at how the utopian energy of the 1970s is being artistically deployed in...

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Natasha Conland Ocula Conversation Natasha Conland By Laura Thomson, Auckland

Natasha Conland is Curator, Contemporary Art at the Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand. She has curated numerous exhibitions including A Puppet A Pauper A Pirate A Poet A Pawn & A King: From the Naomi Milgrom Art Collection (2013); Made Active: The Chartwell Show (2012); the 4th Auckland Triennial,  Last Ride in a Hot Air...

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Ava Seymour In Related Press

Artists in aid mission Related Press Artists in aid mission 4 February 2015, Stuff

Every week, another funeral. Gravesides. Scattered ashes. An act of love, suddenly a conduit to fear and disease. In 1992, a record number of New Zealanders died of Aids. Artists responded. Implicated and Immune at Auckland's Fisher Gallery (now Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts) was a group exhibition praised for its "initiative, courage and...

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