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In 2011, I first learned of the word 'drawing' through (the website) pixiv.

Through Approaches to Painting (the 2020 Dec special issue of Bijutsu Techo), I found out that Tanpakushitsu was an artist known for their drawings of girls with large, overlapping eyes on notebooks and drawing paper.

Drawing lines became a crucial part of my teens and twenties because it was it helped me maintain peace of mind. Now, I can draw with reasonable distance. Now, I feel like I have been released from the overwhelming anxiety that I needed to draw. The shape of Tanpakushitsu's line has changed a lot over time and varies depending upon what ballpen was used, where it was made, and who they were speaking to.



1. From the exhibition website for Linework (√K Contemporary, 2021).

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Line Surface by Tanpakushitsu (たんぱく質) contemporary artwork painting, works on paper, drawing
Tanpakushitsu (たんぱく質) Line Surface, 2018 to 9 Pen on illustration board paper
25.5 x 36.2 cm
√K Contemporary Contact Gallery

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