Alberto Biasi at M77
Milan, 25 May 2021
Alberto Biasi, Agli estremi (2010). Carving and acrylic on canvas. 147 x 83 x 5 cm. Exhibition view: The Visibility of the Invisible, M77, Milan (17 May–19 September 2021). Courtesy Alberto Biasi Archive and M77. Photo: Michael Haggerty.

We really enjoyed reading Ocula Magazine Associate Editor Tessa Moldan's Insight into Alberto Biasi's practice.

The artist's kinetic, illusory works placed him at the forefront of the post-war Italian art scene. ⁠The Visibility of the Invisible at M77 in Milan traces the artist's 60-year career, from his interest in art and science as a young boy in the 1940s growing up in Padua to spearheading Gruppo N in the 1960s.

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