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We know and recognize almost directly the monochrome self-portraits of Kimiko Yoshida, these large square format photographs with subtle light: her signature since 2001. The artist, who sees in the monochrome a figure of infinity, conceives the self-portrait as sort of disappearance, fully conditioned by the experience of transformation, her art develops a contemporary reflection on voluntary servitude, the stereotypes of gender and determinism of heredity. "Art is a delicate operation of transposition, an assiduous struggle against the state of things. Be where I do not think I can, disappear from where I think I am, this is what’s important. "

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Her new series of photographs, majestic and indecipherable portraits conceived in the memory of the history of art, is called “Painting. Self-portrait.” This symbolic transposition of masterpieces by old masters in large print on canvas is essentially based on using in diverse ways the haute couture clothes and accessories by Paco Rabanne.

Kimiko Yoshida Featured Artworks

Painting (PIERROT by WATTEAU) by Kimiko Yoshida contemporary artwork photography, print
Kimiko YoshidaPainting (PIERROT by WATTEAU), 2007–2009Archival digital print on canvas, anti-UV varnish
75 x 75 cm
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Galerie Tanit contemporary art gallery in Munich, Germany Galerie Tanit Beirut, Munich
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