b. 1976, Thailand

Kitti Narod Biography

Kitti Narod trained at the Wittayalai Poh Chang Art College, Bangkok from 1996-1998 and later obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Rajamonkong Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand in 2000. He has exhibited extensively in Bangkok and internationally, including London, Bath, Edinburgh, Manchester, Dublin, Cork, Montreal, Melbourne, and Shenzhen.

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Kitti Narod creates paintings that convey a sense of joy and optimism through the gentle and warm portrayal of daily life and human connectedness. In his paintings, everyone and everything exists together in a utopia. This notion may seem unrealistic to some, especially during an era of social division, but the artist's work tries to remind us to appreciate the simple pleasures and to pay attention to the mundane or basic details of daily life. Perhaps then, euphoric feelings will not seem so unattainable. The artist considers his works to be a meeting place for diversity, where all the physical and spiritual are equal.

Kitti Narod Featured Artworks

Private Space in Public Space by Kitti Narod contemporary artwork painting
Kitti Narod Private Space in Public Space, 2021 Acrylic on canvas
160 x 140 cm
Tang Contemporary Art Contact Gallery

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