b. 1974, France

Thierry Bernard-Gotteland Biography

Thierry Bernard-Gotteland was born in Chambray, France and now lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He studied at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and graduated with an MFA from the Superior Art school of Grenoble where he first began to experiment with the effects of sound his work. He then went on to enroll in a Post-Diploma program at the National Studio of Contemporary Art in Tourcoing and from 2002- 2006 he was the artist assistant for Antonio Muntadas.

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A multi-media artist in the greatest sense of the word, Bernard-Gotteland often works in the tradition of soundscape ecology, a movement that began in the 1960’s and aims to explore the relationship between human beings and their environment through sound. He mixes everyday noise from busy streets and construction sites with traditional media in his installations. Having no preference for one type of medium over another, he instead selects each type whether it be commercial panels, spray-paint or newspaper according to their functional relevance and relationship with the envisaged physical space and audience.

His works are described as concerts of mediums and meanings and his audiences are often shocked and provoked by their senses being solicited sometimes almost violently by his work.

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