Huang Yuxing Grabs Global Attention
26 June 2021
Huang Yuxing Grabs Global Attention

Huang Yuxing, Pine by the pink sea (2021). Acrylic on canvas. 90 x 70 cm. Courtesy Almine Rech.⁠

Huang Yuxing's name has popped up more and more frequently over the past year, as his eccentric landscapes have caught the eye of collectors globally, and reached record prices at auction. ⁠

Enlightening quadrupled its high estimate at Christie's Hong Kong in July 2020, fetching $1.1M, while A Flourishing City Near the Yellow River Source (2019) and Riverside Grove under the Starry Night (2016) sailed past their high estimates, selling for $1.19M and $209K respectively at Christie's Hong Kong sale in May this year. ⁠

Almine Rech is currently host to Yuxing's ultra-contemporary works at their Brussels space, running until 31 July. ⁠

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