b. 1960, SAR, China

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Born in 1960, Hong Kong, Chinese artist Stanley Wong Ping-Pui, is better known to the art world as anothermountainman.  Following his graduation from the Hong Kong Technical Teachers’ College (Design & Technology) in 1980, Stanley worked as a graphic designer for five years before embarking on what was to become an incredibly successful and rewarding career in advertising.  Stanley Wong the artist is anothermountainman.  The distinction is one Wong uses to separate his commercial advertising work with his more personal and intimate work as an artist.

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Apart from his commitment to advertising, Wong has a passion for fine arts and photography, often focusing his subjects on social issues.  His affection for his birthplace is strongly reflected in his art.  In recent years, his work 'redwhiteblue', depicts the positive spirit of Hong Kong using the ubiquitous tri-colour woven canvas, have won critical acclaim both locally and internationally.  A selection of the works form permanent collections in both Hong Kong museums and the Victoria & Albert Museum in England.  In 2005, ‘redwhiteblue’ travelled to Venice as one of the two art works from Hong Kong presented at the 51st Venice Biennale.

Wong's excellence in photography and fine arts have been recognized in numerous exhibitions and awards. Throughout his career, he has won more than 400 awards in graphic design, advertising and fine art at home and abroad.  In 2004, Stanley was inducted into the Alliance Graphique Internationale, the prestigious Swiss institution whose membership comprises revered graphic designers from around the world.

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speechless 2 by Anothermountainman contemporary artwork photography
Anothermountainman speechless 2, 2008-2010 Inkjet on archival paper
Variable dimensions
Not for sale

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