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b. 1984, Australia

Heath Franco Biography

Franco’s practice is distinctive in its position within contemporary Australian video art. He combines the Nauman-esque dictum ”If I was an artist and I was in the studio, then whatever I was doing in the studio must be art” with slapstick, comedic Australiana self-mockery, Dada-like absurdist humour, Constructivist sound experimentation and a 21st century ‘youtube’ video-consciousness. Heath Franco is represented by Galerie Pompom, Sydney

Heath Franco In Ocula Magazine

Great Expectations: Emerging Australian Art Ocula Feature Great Expectations: Emerging Australian Art By Stella Rosa McDonald, Sydney

In literary criticism, the term Bildungsroman refers to a coming of age novel. The protagonist learns a lesson, undergoes a transformation and grows up. They are stories where sentiment conflicts with authority, and we love them because they question our foundations and because we were all kids, once. ‘Emerging’ is the art...

Fade out copy.
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