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Tokyo has established itself on the global art scene with a vibrant network of artists, galleries, and institutions that reflect its distinct position between centuries-old tradition and future-oriented technology. Whether you're looking to see traditional paintings or avant-garde installations, emerging talent or established artists, our Tokyo Art Guide filters through the noise to bring you the best of the city.

Autumn and spring are the best times to visit, and not only for the weather—Tokyo Art Week launches in early November, while Art Fair Tokyo graces the city in March. Essential stops for any art lover include the Roppongi and Shibuya districts where major galleries congregate. More gems are to be found in the lively Harajuku district, among other places.

Galleries in Roppongi and Beyond

Reputed for its booming nightlife, skyscrapers, and cultural scene, Roppongi district is home to many of Tokyo's independent and commercial galleries.

Established blue chip gallery Perrotin, who represents internationally recognised artists including Takashi Murakami and Park Seo-Bo, is located in the Piramide mall alongside Ota Fine Arts, Yutaka Kikutake Gallery, Wako Works of Art, and SCAI Piramide.

Since 1994, Ota Fine Arts has introduced exceptional talent to Japan's contemporary art scene, and represents many renowned artists including Yayoi Kusama. In recent years the gallery has opened additional spaces in Shanghai and Singapore, expanding its roster to include artists from wider Asia such as Guo-Liang Tan and Chen Wei.

Tucked in the back streets of Roppongi Hills is complex665 (Roppongi Art Complex), opened in 2016. The space houses a trio of modern galleries that bring fresh perspectives to contemporary art: Tomio Koyama Gallery, ShugoArts, and Taka Ishii Gallery.

Launched in 2000, ShugoArts supports both young and established artists, from Ritsue Mishima to Yasumasa Morimura and Lee Kit.

Since opening in 1996, Tomio Koyama Gallery has backed local and international talent such as Kishio Suga, Mika Ninagawa, and Richard Tuttle.

Across its three Tokyo spaces, Taka Ishii Gallery highlights contemporary art and photography, with represented artists including Jadé Fadojutimi, Takashi Ishida, and Luke Fowler.

Taro Nasu returned to Roppongi in 2019, opening a new space designed by Mount Fuji Architects. Since 1998, the gallery has presented works from both Japanese and international artists, with its current roster including Omer Fast, Lawrence Weiner, and Ryoji Ikeda, among others.

Nearby in Higashiazabu, Take Ninagawa has promoted cross-generational Japanese and international contemporary art since 2008. The gallery pushes against aesthetic and ideological boundaries, as noted in their exhibitions by Shinro Ohtake, Danh Vo, and Wang Bing.

In the historic Edo-period Kagurazaka is √K Contemporary (Root K Contemporary), a contemporary gallery with an offering that spans traditional, post-war, and contemporary art. Established in 2020, √K Contemporary has already drawn significant attention with exhibitions by Hiroshi Fujimatsu and Tadashi Sugimata.

Founded by Takashi Murakami, Kaikai Kiki Gallery seeks to bring new perspectives to Japan's contemporary art scene. The gallery exhibits artists such as Virgil Abloh, Chiho Aoshima, Shin Murata, and Aya Takano.

Shibuya Galleries

Tokyo's financial hub Shibuya sites some of the city's most innovative galleries. Breaking away from traditional aesthetic parameters is NANZUKA, formerly known as Nanzuka Underground. The gallery represents a wide range of international artists, from Wahab Saheed to Toshio Saeki.

Located inside a former bathhouse building over 200 years old is SCAI The Bathhouse, with an eclectic roster that includes Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Anish Kapoor, and Jenny Holzer.

MAKI Gallery represents a host of new and established Japanese artists, often with distinct treatment of topic, or use of medium, not limited to Shunsuke Kano's photographs built into objects and surfaces and Nao Osada's mixed-media inquiries into experience and perception.

Blum & Poe opened their Harajuku gallery in 2014. Including a publishing division and broadcasting network, Blum & Poe Tokyo represents cult names including Lynda Benglis, Yoshitomo Nara, and Kenjirō Okazaki.

A landmark in the affluent Ginza district, Whitestone Gallery has represented generations of post-war modernists since 1967, including Gutai group founder Jirō Yoshihara.

Located inside the Treeness House is Misako & Rosen, a gallery with a collaborative approach that seeks alternatives to existing commercial practices. Its local and international representations include Hisachika Takahashi, Vincent Fecteau, and Margaret Lee.

Near the Tennozu Isle Station is the Terrada Art Complex houses numerous leading galleries, including KOSAKU KANECHIKA, ANOMALY, and Yukiko Mizutani.

Founded in 2017, KOSAKU KANECHIKA's celebrates Japanese contemporary artists whose practices combine tradition with modernity. Notable represented artists include Junko Oki, Yutaka Aoki, and Takuro Kuawata.

Also situated within the Terrada Art Complex site are secondary gallery spaces such as SCAI Park and ShugoArts Studio, as well as artist studios, a garden, and a café.

Tokyo exhibitions
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Each November, Tokyo Art Week provides an excellent opportunity to explore the city's galleries over four days. Gathering leading museums, galleries, and art spaces, the event showcases the diversity of Japan's contemporary art scene throughout the city's neighbourhoods.

First held in 2009, Roppongi Art Night generates an unforgettable experience that combines contemporary art, design, music, film, and performance. Its 2022 iteration saw the installation of a 32-foot inflatable Doraemon by Takashi Murakami at Roppongi Hills Arena.

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Tokyo Institutions
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Tokyo's museums and institutions offer an exceptional arts and culture experience. Explore our selection of the best spaces to visit.

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Offering up a multitude of notable institutions, Tokyo's bustling metropolitan area is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the Yayoi Kusama Museum, and Yumiko Chiba Associates.

Located in the heart of Kiba Park, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo boasts a collection of around 5,500 works of art. It also houses the Art Library, with a collection of 270,000 books and publications.

In Shinjuku, the Yayoi Kusama Museum brings together works by the eponymous Japanese artist, with the aim of developing contemporary art and fostering art engagement of people from creative communities around the world.

Also in Shinjuku you will find Yumiko Chiba Associates (YCA), a contemporary gallery born out of an artist management office in 1998. YCA provides a space for both established emerging artists, hosting a variety of exhibitions by artists including Jiro Takamatsu and Masafumi Maita.

One of Tokyo's largest museums, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MOMAT) opened in 1952 to encourage public interest in modern art. MOMAT is home to a rich collection of 20th-century and post-war Japanese art, and also houses the Kōgeikan Crafts Gallery.

In the heart of Roppongi is the National Art Center, Tokyo (NACT) which offers a broad programme of exhibitions, workshops, and talks. The building's futuristic rippled glass facade is an iconic part of Tokyo's impressive skyline, designed by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. While NACT does not maintain a permanent collection, it has held major exhibitions featuring works byLee Ufan, Yayoi Kusama, and Man Ray.

Other highlights include the Mori Art Museum, a space dedicated to showcasing the best of international contemporary art, as well as Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT.

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With 40+ years of combined experience and extensive relationships with galleries, auction houses, art dealers, and collectors, Ocula Advisory has exceptional knowledge of modern and contemporary art, as well as market trends.

Follow Advisory Picks, Perspectives, and Selections for must-see art in Tokyo.

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In any given week, you can see the works of some of the world's most exciting artists in Tokyo. Here you will find a selection of artists whose works are currently on show in the city.

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Tokyo has propelled the careers of Japanese and international artists, with its renowned galleries and museums providing a global stage for seminal exhibitions. Artists who have recently held major exhibitions in the city include Lee Ufan, Rika Noguchi, Kenjiro Okazaki, and Yayoi Kusama.

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Aurora VII by Tomoko Yoneda contemporary artwork photography, print
Tomoko Yoneda Aurora VII, 2013 Chromogenic print
19 x 19 cm
ShugoArts Request Price & Availability
Crystals III by Tomoko Yoneda contemporary artwork photography
Tomoko Yoneda Crystals III, 2013 Gelatin silver print
35.4 x 28.4 cm
ShugoArts Request Price & Availability
Crystals I by Tomoko Yoneda contemporary artwork photography
Tomoko Yoneda Crystals I, 2013 Gelatin silver print
35.4 x 28.4 cm
ShugoArts Request Price & Availability
Crystals XI by Tomoko Yoneda contemporary artwork photography
Tomoko Yoneda Crystals XI, 2023 Gelatin silver print
35.4 x 28.4 cm
ShugoArts Request Price & Availability
A Whole Painting Filled with Holes by Soh Souen contemporary artwork painting
Soh Souen A Whole Painting Filled with Holes, 2023 Oil on cotton
65 x 53 cm
√K Contemporary Request Price & Availability
Deity Mirror by Noritaka Tatehana contemporary artwork painting, sculpture
Noritaka Tatehana Deity Mirror, 2023 Acrylic, mirror coating, glass
28 x 28 cm
KOSAKU KANECHIKA Request Price & Availability
Dream by Ataru Sato contemporary artwork painting
Ataru Sato Dream, 2023 Acrylic on cloth mounted on panel
30 x 30 cm
KOSAKU KANECHIKA Request Price & Availability
Descending Painting (Lotus Petal) by Noritaka Tatehana contemporary artwork painting
Noritaka Tatehana Descending Painting (Lotus Petal), 2023 Acrylic on panel
30 x 24.5 cm
KOSAKU KANECHIKA Request Price & Availability
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As a metropolis that boasts a population short of 14 million inhabitants, Tokyo has an extremely rich contemporary art scene. The capital of cool has been home to Art Fair Tokyo since 1992, showcasing leading Japanese and global galleries.

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Tokyo's Galleries and Museums

Scattered around Tokyo's metropolitan area are notable galleries and art museums, from Nanzuka in Shibuya special ward to Blum & Poe in the Harajuku district, Perrotin in Minato City, and √K Contemporary in the Edo-period Kagurazaka area.

Districts in Tokyo are well-known for their clusters of independent and commercial art galleries. In Roppongi, the Piramide building houses leading galleries such as Ota Fine Arts, Wako Works of Art, and Yutaka Kikutake Gallery.

Nearby, a triad of influential art galleries including Taka Ishii Gallery, Tomio Koyama Gallery, and ShugoArts are located inside Complex 665, which opened in 2016. A few blocks down the road, Taka Ishii Gallery Photography / Film is found in the Axis building.

Nestled together inside TERRADA Art Complex, near Tennōzu Isle, are prominent galleries such as KOSAKU KANECHIKA, ANOMALY, and YUKIKOMIZUTANI. SCAI The Bathhouse, whose main gallery space is in Yanaka, opened SCAI PARK in the complex in 2017.

Shibuya-based MAKI Gallery specialises in post-war and contemporary Japanese art with a focus on emerging artists. Taro Nasu, a contemporary gallery with a robust exhibition programme nearby, represents both Japanese and international artists.

Art Triangle Roppongi

While largely known as a popular nightlife district, Roppongi gained a reputation as a cultural centre following the development of Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown. Three of Tokyo's largest museums are located in the area: Mori Art Museum, Suntory Museum of Art, and The National Art Center. Collectively, they are known as Art Triangle Roppongi or ATRO.

Below the 54th-floor observation deck of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower—one of the tallest buildings in the city—is Mori Art Museum. The institution's internationally acclaimed art exhibitions include a 2018 outdoor installation of Louise Bourgeois' bronze-cast spider Maman (1999) at 66 Plaza, facing Mori Tower.

Further southeast is Tokyo Photographic Art Museum in the Ebisu district, while Meguro Museum of Art and Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum frame the Meguro River from both sides in the Meguro district.

With an astounding selection of museums, commercial galleries, and artist-run spaces spread around an ever-changing city, Tokyo is decidedly exhilarating and challenging to explore.

√K Contemporary
6 Minamicho
Tokyo Current Exhibition:Group Exhibition
√K Collection 2023→2024
13 January–25 February 2024
5-17-1 2F Roppongi
TERRADA Art Complex 5F
1-33-10 Higashi-Shinagawa
Tokyo Current Exhibition:Group Exhibition
27 January–24 February 2024
MAKI, Omotesando
4-11-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
MAKI, Tennoz
1-33-10 Higashi-Shinagawa
Misa Shin Gallery
3-9-11-1F Minamiazabu
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Piramide Building 1F
6-6-9 Roppongi
Tokyo Upcoming Exhibition:Nick Doyle
American Blues
6 March–27 April 2024
3F, 6-6-9 Roppongi
Tokyo Current Exhibition:Nina Canell, Reijiro Wada
42 Days
15 February–25 May 2024
SCAI The Bathhouse
6-1-23 Yanaka
Complex 665 2F, 6-5-24
Roppongi Minato-ku
Tokyo Current Exhibition:Tomoko Yoneda
13 January–24 February 2024
Taro Nasu
Piramide Bldg. 4F
6-6-9 Roppongi
Whitestone Gallery
5 Chome-1-10 Ginza
Chuo City
Yumiko Chiba Associates
ROPPONGI HILLS Hollywood Beauty Plaza 3rd Floor
6-4-1 Roppongi
Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo
Louis Vuitton Omotesando Bldg
7F, 5-7-5, Jingumae
Mori Art Museum
6-10-1 Roppongi
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower (53F)
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
4-1-1 Miyoshi
teamLab Planets TOKYO
6-1-16 Toyosu,
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum | TOP
Yebisu Garden Place
1-13-3 Mita Meguro-ku
WATARI-UM, The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art
3 Chome-7-6 Jingumae
Yayoi Kusama Museum
107 Bentencho
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