b. 1982

Xin Yunpeng Biography

Xin Yunpeng was born in Beijing, 1982 and graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2007, specializing in sculpture. His artworks range from video and performance to site-specific installations in mixed media.

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Through creating experiences that are both familiar and foreign in a confined space, Xin’s work inventively anticipates and questions interpersonal differences in society. A central element in his creativity consists of implementing political and psychological metaphors in art, which blend together and become a set of collaborative entanglements expressing the dilemmas of living in a communal reality. Whether it is adjusting the physical dimensions of a space, creating interactive installations, or appropriating found objects Xin Yunpeng’s art activates a form of thought that requires spectators to contemplate psychological strategies in terms of our environments.

His solo exhibitions include all men are created equal, Hunsand Space, Beijing, China (2016); No New is Good News – An Exhibition by Xin Yunpeng, Inside Out Museum, Beijing, China (2014); I Don’t Know Where to Take You Yet – A4 Young Artist Experimental Season First Round Exhibition, A4 Contemporary Arts Center, Chengdu, China (2013); and 51 m2: 8# Xin Yunpeng Taikang Space, Beijing, China (2010). He has also exhibited internationally in group shows including: Exotic Stranger curated by Bao Dong, Galerie Paris Beijing, Paris, France (2016); China Whispers, Recent Art From The Sigg & M+ Sigg Collections, Kunstmuseum, Bern, Switzerland (2016); DRUG – Group Exhibition of the Chinese and Foreign Artists, Hunsand Space, Cao Changdi Art District, Beijing, China (2015); Live at, Intelligentsia, Beijing, China (2015); Polyphony II – Ecological Survey of Chinese Art, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China (2014); Nihilistic Belief, Antenna Space, Shanghai, China (2014); You Are Damn Wrong, Rice University, Houston, USA (2014); A Room Not of One’s Own, Space Station, Beijing, China (2014); ON | OFF China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China (2013); and XXX – Next 10 Year of Contemporary Art, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China (2011).

Xin Yunpeng currently lives and works in Beijing, China.

Text courtesy de Sarthe.

Xin Yunpeng Featured Artworks

Hello, World by Xin Yunpeng contemporary artwork installation, mixed media
Xin Yunpeng Hello, World, 2013 Mixed media
de Sarthe Contact Gallery
Military Boxing by Xin Yunpeng contemporary artwork moving image
Xin Yunpeng Military Boxing Dual channel video
de Sarthe Contact Gallery
Goddess by Xin Yunpeng contemporary artwork print
Xin Yunpeng Goddess, 2018 14 broken kindles
16 x 451 cm
de Sarthe Contact Gallery
Faucet by Xin Yunpeng contemporary artwork moving image
Xin Yunpeng Faucet, 2018 Dual channel video
de Sarthe Contact Gallery
Mother 1/2 by Xin Yunpeng contemporary artwork installation
Xin Yunpeng Mother 1/2, 2017 Film installation
de Sarthe Contact Gallery
Left and Right, Hesitation by Xin Yunpeng contemporary artwork moving image
Xin Yunpeng Left and Right, Hesitation, 2017 Double channel video 11'38"
de Sarthe Contact Gallery

Xin Yunpeng Recent Exhibitions

Xin Yunpeng Represented By

de Sarthe contemporary art gallery in de Sarthe, Hong Kong de Sarthe Beijing, Hong Kong
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