FLUX Laboratory Biography

The FLUX Box is the product of 12 years of intensive work in visual/performing arts and design. It will serve as a creative catalyst for art and economy combined.

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The FLUX Box is the mind and the soul of the FLUX Vision: an inspiration and an invitation to companies, institutions and individuals alike to think in a new creative way. As a non-conventional worktool, the FLUX Box is a bold new vehicle that will integrate innovation and imagination straight into the running world.
The FLUX Box is in a state of constant motion. With this aim in mind, it will lead a nomadic life, with specific assignments in cities and countries all over the world.

FLUX Laboratory is dedicated to shape innovation by staging
unlimited artistic experience that creates links between thinkers, artists, and the major economic stakeholders.

“Don’t ask what business can do for the arts; ask what the arts can do for business.”

The products presented can serve as branding or communications tools, and can also be used to help develop and refine creative capabilities among executives and employees alike.

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