b. 1986, Morocco

Hicham Berrada Biography

Hicham Berrada is a France-based Moroccan artist known for his use of scientific processes to create often immersive and kaleidoscopic installations that reproduce or mimic natural phenomena.

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Hicham Berrada's Présage (2020), a multicoloured grotto featured in Taipei Biennial 2020, results from toxic chemicals that the artist poured into an aquarium. He then filmed the process of chemical solidification in the water and projected the outcome onto a 180° screen. With this immersive process, we are observing a landscape while being encapsulated in it.

As the artist says, 'what is called pollution is an abnormally high concentration of a 'pure' product in a restricted geographical area. Laboratory products such as pure copper sulphate99/100 (all copper sulphate products are at least 98/100 pure and tend to have 99.99/100).'

The problem of globalisation is the hyper-localisation of certain particles.

Courtesy Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Ocula

Hicham Berrada Featured Artworks

Présage by Hicham Berrada contemporary artwork mixed media, moving image
Hicham Berrada Présage, 2020 Video installation, 10 mins 11 secs, dimensions variable
Taipei Fine Arts Museum

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