b. 1983, Brazil

Roberto Winter Biography

Roberto Winter’s practice tries to engage in the production of things that could make the current state of affairs graspable, explicit, unbearable and, eventually, help lead to its inexorable overcoming. A production which stems from–and ends in–the concrete realities of words, objects and materials–and their absences, guided by questions such as: Do time and space exist? How so? Are there inescapable intrinsic material truths to things? What seems absent could also not be non-existent (ideology)? Is a disassembly of the void into the material realm (and vice-versa) a possible way of achieving critique? How does one engage the spectacle, the pornography of freedom and autonomy: ideology in social, cultural, political, economic and artistic fields?

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Roberto Winter lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil and holds a Bachelor degree in Physics from the University of São Paulo.

Recent productions include the feature film Reverse proxy (in collaboration with Guilherme Peters) and, more recently, the short video A role play, which was part of the solo show Default hosted by Mendes Wood DM in São Paulo. Lectures such as 2028 (on the future of Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and the influence of social networks on politics was presented as part of Frestas–art triennial at SESC Sorocaba), Addicted (on the psychology of Facebook as form of Skinner’s Box and its variable ratio reward schedule, presented during Breaking the system hosted at Al Janiah, São Paulo) and A couch in the middle of the street (on Tiqqun and the political impact of social networks, as part of Citizens, go home! at Centro Cultural Oswald de Andrade). He helped organise 1111001, in which artists gave talks about paintings created one hundred or more years ago. He is currently one of the editors of the art criticism magazine Dazibao.

Text courtesy Mendes Wood DM.

Roberto Winter Featured Artworks

Dead pixel (ipad) by Roberto Winter contemporary artwork photography, installation
Roberto Winter Dead pixel (ipad), 2017 Printing inkjet on paper Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta
110 x 165 cm
Mendes Wood DM Contact Gallery
Alegoria Foxconn by Roberto Winter contemporary artwork photography, installation
Roberto Winter Alegoria Foxconn, 2014 Digital photography. iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone manufactured in Brazil installed on the wall and with a modified operating system
27.5 x 23.8 x 2.8 cm
Mendes Wood DM Contact Gallery

Roberto Winter Represented By

Mendes Wood DM contemporary art gallery in São Paulo, Brazil Mendes Wood DM Brussels, New York, São Paulo
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