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b. 1989, Taiwan

Su Yu-Hsin Biography

Su Yu-Hsin is a Taiwanese artist and filmmaker currently based in Berlin.

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For her participation in Taipei Biennial 2020, Su presented Frame of Reference I and Frame of Reference II (both 2020), video installations that derived from her research at the Taroko Gorge site in Taiwan.

Scientists observing the Critical Zone place some tools outdoors in the Taroko Gorge site. They have notably installed near-real-time monitoring networks to investigate how landslides are driven by the weather, and also how landslides affect the climate. Cameras, seismometers, and weather stations replace the body of the observer to see beyond the scale of the human perception system. With video installation work Frame of Reference artist Su Yu-Hsin addresses the question of formatting scalar relations between the field, laboratory and database. What role do images play in the field work of the Critical Zone?

The artist followed the two groups of scientists from the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences to the outdoor landslide laboratory in Taroko National Park and laboratory in Potsdam, and the NCTU Disaster Prevention and Water Environment Research Center in Wuhe and Wulu.

The network of stations in the catchment of the Liwu river are used to monitor rivers and landslides. How to see? Where to see from? In this infrastructure to see 'within,' where is the body of the observer?

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Frame of Reference I, II by Su Yu-Hsin contemporary artwork installation, moving image
Su Yu-HsinFrame of Reference I, II, 2020Film still, video installation, dimensions variable
Taipei Fine Arts Museum

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