b. 1970, South Korea

Yunchul Kim Biography

Yunchul Kim is an electroacoustic music composer, visual artist, and founder of STUDIO LOCUS SOLUS. He is a member of art and science project group “Fluid Skies” and a researcher of artistic research project “Liquid Things” at Art & Science Department in University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria. Based in Berlin and Seoul, Kim is currently a principal investigator of “Matteriality”, a Transdisciplinary Program in Korea Institute  for Advanced Study. 

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Focusing on research of ultrafine particles, magnetic field, lead and mercury, Yunchul Kim strives to find a meeting point of science and art.  He attempts to shift the status of ‘materials and objects’, from human’s auxiliary substance and means to a practically active actant. His matters in the space would allow viewers to obtain material imagination and consequently lead them into ‘the world of materials’ where aesthetic experiences are feasible, from ‘the material world’ caught in cultures, values, purposes and symbols.

Yunchul Kim’s solo exhibitions have included Evanescent at SongEun ArtSpace (2016); Whiteout at Alternative Space Loop (2014); Eluvial Horizon at Jiri Svestka Berlin (2013); and Amorph at Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien (2011). His works have been shown at various art exhibitions and events worldwide: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul; Asia Culture Center, Gwangju; Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul; Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon; SOMA Museum of Art, Seoul; National Art Museum of China, Beijing; Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna; and Museum of Modern Art, New York (online exhibition). In 2016, Kim has been selected as a winner of COLLIDE International Award 2016 and received much attention. 

Yunchul Kim Featured Artworks

Amorphic Scape by Yunchul Kim contemporary artwork drawing
Yunchul Kim Amorphic Scape, 2012 Pencil on paper
70 x 150 cm
Barakat Contemporary Contact Gallery
Eluvial Horizon by Yunchul Kim contemporary artwork mixed media
Yunchul Kim Eluvial Horizon, 2016 Paramagnet particle, distilled water
100 x 80 cm
Barakat Contemporary Contact Gallery
Amorph by Yunchul Kim contemporary artwork installation
Yunchul Kim Amorph, 2018 Acrylic, Hydrogel, LED
80 x 80 cm
Barakat Contemporary Contact Gallery

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