Joseph Yaeger
at Mamoth

London, 30 September 2020

A group exhibition titled After Image and curated by Robert Spragg, was presented at Mamoth in London (26 September–28 November 2020).

The show takes as its starting point the writer David Joselit's text on how painting can theorise the circulation of commoditised images, presenting us with a group of young U.K.-based conceptual painters working in this mould.

This is one of two similar Joseph Yaeger paintings in watercolour on primed canvas included in the show. Yaeger uses his own photographs, together with films stills, news media, and sourced images as triggers for his works. These images are then transformed through their displacement and the act of painting.

Memory clearly plays a role in Yaeger's watercolours as we are provided with a fleeting glimpse of a moment in time but cracks in the paint or visible underpainting often reveals, in his own words, 'time moving through the image'.

Main image: Joseph Yaeger, Second Wrong Turn (2020). Watercolour on gessoed canvas. 160 x 190 cm. Courtesy Mamoth.

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