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Chung Hyun Biography

Materials chosen by Chung Hyun are usually from discarded waste that no longer has purpose. Through sleepers, charcoal, asphalt concrete and mixed stones—materials in which have been thrown away in contemporary society, men’s true selves are revealed. Chung Hyun does not give much alteration to the material, yet he tends to correspond and tries not to lose any of material’s particular characteristics but rather concentrates on bringing out power carried within out onto the surface.

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Chung Hyun was born in 1956 in Incheon, Korea. He graduated from Hongik University and Graduate School majoring in sculpture. Then he earned his diplome l’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Art de Paris in 1990. After his return from Paris, he held solo exhibitions at Beijing Today Art Museum, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kim Chong Yong Art Museum, and Kumho Museum of Art. He also participated in integral group exhibitions at Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Pohang Museum of Art, and Fukuoka Museum of Asian Art. He was awarded ‘Today’s Artist’ at Kim Chong Yong Art Museum, ‘2006 Artist of the Year’ at National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea. Recently, Chung was a winner of Korea Art Critics Association Award. He is currently a professor at Hongik University Graduate School of Art.

Text courtesy Hakgojae Gallery.

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