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Cinga Samson: ‘a different conversation on representation’ Ocula Conversation Cinga Samson: ‘a different conversation on representation’ Jareh Das

Cinga Samson 's paintings lay bare the complex relationship between contemporary life, African traditions, globalisation, and representation. His strikingly sombre portraits contain similarities to those of contemporary painters such as Toyin Ojih Odutola, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye , Kehinde Wiley , Florine Démosthène, and Tunji...

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Dhaka Art Summit 2020: Seismic Movements Ocula Report Dhaka Art Summit 2020: Seismic Movements Radha Mahendru, Dhaka

Seismic Movements , the fifth Dhaka Art Summit, plotted movements, solidarities, and exchanges across the Global South with over 500 artists, scholars, curators, and thinkers.

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Guo Hongwei on Seeing Patterns That Don’t Exist Ocula Insight Guo Hongwei on Seeing Patterns That Don’t Exist Sherry Paik, New York

Guo Hongwei's recent watercolour paintings, showing at Chambers Fine Art in New York from 3 March, trigger pareidolia—the phenomenon of seeing random objects or patterns where they do not exist.

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b. 1966, Ireland

Jaki Irvine Biography

Over two decades, Jaki Irvine has built a substantial and highly acclaimed body of film and video art that is profoundly concerned with the limits of human knowledge and experience. Irvine's engrossing, elliptical narratives are at times composed of fragments of everyday life—mundane incidents that, viewed via Irvine's singular, assiduously selective gaze, become occasions of heightened strangeness. Equally, Irvine's films might concentrate on situations of extreme human feeling; of love and hate, or possession and loss. In each case, however, she points to ways that stable meanings seem to slip away just as they appear possible. In Irvine's art, the world can appear one moment to be full of connections and coincidences, full of possibilities of reliable knowledge, and yet, a moment later, the same world can seem utterly devoid of meaning.

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One recurring interest in this regard has been in human/animal connections, or rather, our inevitable human disconnection. Irvine has been fascinated with the ways in which animals can seem like us, and we like them, yet at the same time they have a perception of the world that we can never inhabit (and barely imagine). In studying such subjects, Irvine weaves together non-linear narratives in which image, voice-over and musical score variously overlap, coalesce and diverge. These languid explorations of human interaction with the natural world, the built environment, and with other humans are suffused with a melancholic lyricism and leavened by a dark, dreamlike humour. Consistently, Irvine's art attends to the boundaries between body and mind, self and other, human and animal and, in the seductive mysteries of her remarkable visuals, between the real and the imagined. Jaki Irvine currently lives and works in Dublin and Mexico and is a regular artist advisor at the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Firstsite, Colchester, UK, (March 2020); The Bower Gallery, London, UK, (May 2020); If the Ground Should Open..., Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, (2016–2017); City of Women, The LAB, Dublin, (2010); Seven Folds in Time, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin (2009); In a World Like This, The Model, Sligo, (2006), travelling to Chisenhale Gallery, London (2007); The Silver Bridge, SMART, Amsterdam (2006); Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2005); Nightingale, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, (2005 & 1999); Plans for forgotten works, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, (2005); Ivana's Answers, Delfina Project Space, London, (2001); "Fledermaus she said....", Staatliche Kunsthalle in Baden-Baden, Germany, (1998) and Eyelashes, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, (1996).

In 1997, Irvine represented Ireland at the 47th Venice Biennale.

Exhibition view: Jaki Irvine, Ack Ro', Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (24 January–29 February 2020). Courtesy the artist and Kerlin Gallery.

Jaki Irvine Featured Artworks

If the Ground Should Open... by Jaki Irvine contemporary artwork
Jaki IrvineIf the Ground Should Open..., 2016Video and sound installation, 8 separate monitors (edition 1/3) (black & white 4:3 ratio). 11 separate audio sound tracks. 48 mins duration and set of six, etching on archival paper
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Jaki Irvine Current Exhibitions

Contemporary art exhibition, Jaki Irvine, Ack Ro' at Kerlin Gallery, Dublin
Open Now
24 January–29 February 2020 Jaki Irvine Ack Ro' Kerlin Gallery, Dublin

Jaki Irvine Represented By

Jaki Irvine In Ocula Magazine

Jaki Irvine's Manifesto on Life at Kerlin Gallery, Dublin Ocula Insight Jaki Irvine's Manifesto on Life at Kerlin Gallery, Dublin Apoorva Rajagopal, Dublin

Ack Ro' , Jaki Irvine's reflection on the fragility of life at Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, is an 'ambitious, holistic installation' staged like a 'wild disarray of interconnected yet fragmented pieces'.

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