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Each creation of July is done whith each painting consisting of several different superposed paintings. She does not cover at each layer the all the surface to do another one over it: she keeps one part of each of the previous ones. Like that she accumulates in the final result all the different emotions she painted at each layer of creation. When you look at the final result you are immediately attracted because you see so many things without a complete representation. You come closer, look at details and are attracted by the magic, willing to understand what is behind these different elements of almost different nature, different worlds, different emotions in one painting who at the end constitute a whole.

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So are we all made of different layers family, work, emotions, anger, love , today , yesterday, anger, love again…………

All that and more completed by our private imaginary helps us question a whole picture of who we are, where we are and what we do.

July does not go to the end as she delivers her paintings in an unfinished stage to let us complete with a (our) sense. By doing so she is opening for us a wonderful world she invites us to visit.Edward Munch took several years to distance from impressionism and accept that his work could be managed mainly by emotions and July starts from there. Will she enrich that with another dimension in the future? She is unique in her generation with such a level of concentration, incessant work and a so defined universe we see so early in her work.

Somebody wrote about her art that it was using the language from children and for children with a touch of dances of death and a bit of south American ex-voto style. I completely agree with this description. Also the mixture of laughing and fear, cruelty and tenderness makes her describe something not too far of who we really are and the world we live in.

The persons she represents in her painting have an imprecise face, the landscape is also imprecise and this transport us in the intermediary world of dream and passage to death (being very slowly guided by Caron(Charon)on the other side of the Styx) where we imagine emotions are the only part of ourselves surfacing to our conscious mind. As there is also irony Caron could even bring us back to our world if we ask for it.

So young and having already an unique style and universe we are anxious to see the next step of July as for sure she will be an important part of the contemporary history of Art if she continues on this trend and is shown in the right cultural environment. This is a challenge to present her in Asia as the imaginary of the east differs with the one of the west. I sincerely believe the two can meet with the help of the exceptional talent of July which is universal.

July Ancel graduated from “l'École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts” in 2010. Since her work gave her several distinctions as winner of the painting price Antoine Marin for her creation “Hiroshima” she made her first personal exhibition at the reputed (for discovering and presenting young talents) gallery premier regard in Paris. Then she won prestigious residencies at Casa Velasquez in Madrid (managed by the French Academy of fine Arts) and in Asia with Ishu8 : Maison des arts Beijing who generated successful exhibitions in Asia.

July Ancel
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Face Old Memories Love by July Ancel contemporary artwork painting, works on paper
July Ancel Face Old Memories Love, 2016 Oil painting and caseine on canvas
80 x 90 cm
Gin Huang Gallery Request Price & Availability
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