b. 1978, France

Niko de La Faye Biography

Born in 1978 in France, Niko de La Faye is a multi-disciplinary artist and art educator. He started his career in San Francisco, where he designed costumes and choreographed shows. Since 2008, he has been sharing his time between Paris and Beijing.

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Niko de La Faye’s work is about geometry, primary colours and interaction with people. He creates kinetic sculptures, installations, photographs and costumes. Performance is the underlying component to all the art forms he explores, as part of the creative process or in the presentation of the end result. Visages is a photographic series of very graphic portraits completed over two years in collaboration with seventy-five models. With his kinetic sculptures, the artist wishes to create mechanical interpretations of his environment. Moreover Niko de La Faye directs shadow theatre shows regularly in Beijing.

Niko de La Faye’s work is currently presented in Macau at the 2014 Biennial of the Lions, which celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Text courtesy Mur Nomade.

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