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Visions of Brazil: Reimagining Modernity from Tarsila to Sonia Ocula Report Visions of Brazil: Reimagining Modernity from Tarsila to Sonia 18 May 2019 : Fawz Kabra for Ocula

Bridging almost a century of Brazilian art, Visions of Brazil: Reimagining Modernity from Tarsila to Sonia at Blum & Poe in New York (30 April–22 June 2019), hosted in collaboration with Mendes Wood DM, offers a rereading of Brazilian Modernism through the works of artists practising at different times, from the 20th century through to the...

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Reiko Tomii Ocula Conversation Reiko Tomii

In 1969, Horikawa Michio, schoolteacher and member of the artist collective GUN (Group Ultra Niigata), filled out the customs paperwork to mail a one-kilogram river stone from Niigata, the proverbial 'backside of Japan', to President Nixon. In return, Horikawa received a thank you note for this 'most unusual Christmas gift'—a muted anti-war...

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Yun Hyong-keun in Venice: The Artist Behind the Paintings Ocula Report Yun Hyong-keun in Venice: The Artist Behind the Paintings 4 May 2019 : Sherry Paik for Ocula

'He was not a "political" kind of person. He just wanted to be honest and straight. But it was not easy in Korea to live like that,' writes curator Kim Inhye on artist Yun Hyong-keun. For much of his life, Yun lived in proximity to some of the most tumultuous moments in modern Korean history, from which he emerged as a pioneer of abstract...

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Robert Ryman

b. 1930, USA

For over five decades, the painter Robert Ryman has dedicated himself to the study of white. Using a wide range of surfaces including fibreglass, metal and canvas, and a range of fastenings and layering techniques, Ryman uses this colour to make visible the materiality of paint and light. 

In 1953, Ryman moved to New York with the initial aim of becoming a jazz musician. To support himself, he took up a job as a security guard for The Museum of Modern Art. There he was influenced by the art that he encountered daily—works by masters such as Matisse and Cézanne. He was also influenced by the time spent around his co-workers—the soon-to-be art legends Sol LeWitt and Dan Flavin

For ten years after his arrival in New York, Ryman doggedly experimented with his chosen colour. His approach to painting mirrored his previous experience in jazz; the improvisations based on chords and scales in music became riffs based on light and surface in painting. It was a long time before his paintings would gain traction in the New York art scene, momentum that perhaps was slowed by the dominance at the time of Abstract Expressionism—a movement to which Ryman’s work was diametrically opposed. It was only in 1967 that he had his first solo exhibition. In 1969, he was included in Harald Szeemann's historic exhibition When Attitudes Become Form, and from there his career began to soar. Ryman is now considered one of the most significant founding fathers of both Minimalism and monochrome painting in the United States.  

Ryman does not use white as a colour, but instead as a conduit to making things visible. Rather than using the medium of paint to escape into illusion, Ryman’s paintings are a means of focusing on the present. Emphasising a rejection of representational painting, he often paints on squares—a neutral space alluding neither to landscape nor to portrait. 

Ryman also, however, rejects the category of abstraction. His paintings do not aim to abstract or reduce reality, but reveal the complexities of light in the spaces they inhabit. A work can be observed by the same viewer an infinite number of times and something previously unnoticed will be found upon each view. They are paintings that reward those who take time and pay attention. 

During his retrospective at Dia:Chelsea in New York (9 December 2015–29 July 2016), director Jessica Morgan said of his work, ‘With Ryman, you find yourself walking very close to the wall’. In the rooms in which the paintings are situated, nuances of light influence the subtle ebb and flow of colour and shadow in each brush stroke, leading to a new revelation every moment.  

Casey Carsel | Ocula | 2017
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Featured Artworks

Untitled [4] by Robert Ryman contemporary artwork Robert RymanUntitled [4], 1972 Aquatint (ink: White Lead) with etching (blue) on Rives BFK with deckled edges
24 x 24 inches
Krakow Witkin Gallery
Untitled by Robert Ryman contemporary artwork Robert RymanUntitled, c. 1963 Oil on stretched sized linen canvas, 5 parts
62.5 x 62.5 x 1.3 cm
Hauser & Wirth
Untitled by Robert Ryman contemporary artwork Robert RymanUntitled, 1993-1994 Inked aquatint on Twinrocker Buff paper
32.7 x 32.7 cm
Krakow Witkin Gallery
Untitled by Robert Ryman contemporary artwork Robert RymanUntitled, 1962-1963 Oil paint on stretched sized linen canvas
60.01 x 60.01 cm
Xavier Hufkens

Recent Exhibitions

Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, A Luta Continua at Hauser & Wirth, New York
26 April–27 July 2018 Group Exhibition A Luta Continua Hauser & Wirth, 22nd Street, New York

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‘Robert Ryman gave us a lot to look at’ Related Press ‘Robert Ryman gave us a lot to look at’ Apollo : 5 March 2019

The painter Robert Ryman (1930–2019) is best known for his commitment to painting with the colour white. Those lucky enough to have met him will agree on his disarming clarity, concision, and plain-spoken charm – conveyed in his self-deprecating chuckle, his penchant for the cuisine of the southern United States, and his aversion to the term...

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The Spirit of Painting in an Altered World Related Press The Spirit of Painting in an Altered World Hyperallergic : 12 May 2018

'A faint, beautiful memory' is how curator Norman Rosenthal described A New Spirit Then, A New Spirit Now, 1981-2018, the current show at Almine Rech Gallery on the Upper East Side. What he’s remembering, as spelled out in the exhibition’s title, is the seminal survey, A New Spirit in Painting, which opened, barely, at the Royal Academy of Arts in...

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Ha Chong-Hyun at Almine Rech Gallery, Paris Related Press Ha Chong-Hyun at Almine Rech Gallery, Paris ArtAsiaPacific : 23 May 2017

At Almine Rech Gallery in Paris, 21 of the artist's paintings, the majority of which were created in the past four years, demonstrated Ha's ability to imbue paint with the qualities of sculpture. The artist uses a methodical, labor-intensive process to create energetic paintings on hemp cloth, recalling the sacks of aid supplies distributed to...

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Edinburgh Art Festival 2016 Related Press Edinburgh Art Festival 2016 Aesthetica Magazine : 28 July 2016

The UK’s largest annual festival of visual art returns to Edinburgh on 28 July with a dynamic programme of partner exhibitions and pop-up events taking place across the Scottish capital. This year’s Edinburgh Art Festival (EAF) is set to be its biggest edition to date, and will include 43 solo and group presentations curated by the...

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A Luta Continua. The Sylvio Perlstein Collection Related Video & Audio A Luta Continua. The Sylvio Perlstein Collection Hauser & Wirth : 8 May 2018

Unfolding across all three floors of Hauser & Wirth New York, 22nd Street, A Luta Continua is the first United States presentation of the Sylvio Perlstein Collection. Curated by David Rosenberg, the exhibition presents more than 360 works by some 250 artists. Among these are Josef Albers, Carl Andre, Diane Arbus, Hans Bellmer, André Breton,...


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